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You Can Now Stop Marketing SMS from Companies on Safaricom

Not long ago I reluctantly got into the world of Betting. At that point in time it seemed everyone was doing it and so I thought to myself, what was the harm in giving it a chance. So with help of a friend who was quite the “veteran” in this field, I made my first couple of bets and as you would expect, made some winnings as well as some losses.

Soon however it dawned on me that that was the inescapable fate of betting; it’s just that people don’t nearly talk about their losses with the same fervency as they do about their winnings. So I got out early and wisely left it to the “experts”. However, perhaps out of the few fat misfortunes I had reaped, I forgot one important detail during my quiet exit: I never closed my account on this specific betting platform.

A few months passed quietly, then this year (2017) around January, I started getting SMS’s from the aforementioned betting platform. I presume the explosion of other countless betting platforms had hurt some of their expected fortunes to the extent they felt compelled to take a look at their now algae suffocated ponds to reel in strays like us.

So every weekend they’d throw me a bait or two in form of some big game in need of a hunt, all sumptuous-looking, occasionally dripping with bonuses and jackpots just to make sure that if I got into the cooling box this time, I couldn’t jump back out easily.

Unfortunately for them, I never took the bait on account of netting my own empty fortunes in the shark infested job market, or more accurately, getting swallowed by a large fish that spewed me on a barren Island. Perhaps this betting thing wasn’t a Jonah as some like me were making it seem. People are actually living off it.

Anyway, over the few months that followed, the SMS’es kept increasing in frequency to the point it got irritating. I figured I had to stop them for good and that’s when at I got this text message from Safaricom.

safaricom stop marketing messages

Never has a Safaricom SMS been this justified and opportune at the same time. My problem was as good as solved with this. I take the screenshot above gives you an idea on how to go about stopping such promotional SMS messages but should you encounter any difficulties you can refer to this guide that I’ve since written.

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