Easiest Way to Get Your AdSense Earnings in Kenya

With the lack of traditional jobs, it’s no surprise that a lot of young Kenyans are venturing into online jobs. The favourite seems to be the writing segment, and more specifically, academic writing, which promises quick returns on the work done.

However, if you’re in it for the long haul then you’ve probably ventured into web ads from which you can earn something from displaying them alongside your content. It could be your site, blog or even streaming videos.

In the web ad space there’s no bigger name than that of Google’s AdSense which allows you to run ads on their very own hosted products and but more often, in third-party platforms like self-hosted sites and apps.

The hosted products include Blogger sites and the more common one, monetized YouTube videos. I take it you’ve any one of this and you currently have earnings in your AdSense account that you wish to withdraw.


Before You Can Withdraw

If it’s your first time withdrawing from AdSense, then you should know there are some few requirements that you should meet first. These include:

1. Your AdSense Account should be verified

Account verification is done after a certain threshold (address verification threshold) is reached in your earnings. The earning threshold is determined by the currency used in your AdSense.

If it’s US Dollar, Euro or Great British Pound the threshold is 10 [i.e. $10, €10 & £10]. Google sends you a physical mail with a PIN to the mailing address you registered the account with. Submitting this PIN in AdSense verifies your account.

Note: You can’t change the type of currency reported in your AdSense Account.

2. You must have reached your payments threshold for Google to release your earnings

The earnings threshold is also determined by the currency used in your AdSense Account. If it’s US Dollars, the threshold is $100, Euro is €70 and if it’s Great British Pound, its £60.

3. You must have set up a payment method

The first time you reach your payment threshold as stated in the previous point, you’ll be prompted by AdSense to set up a payment method.

You can get more info regarding all these conditions here.

Setting Up A Payment Method

Assuming you’ve completed those first two steps, let’s see how you can now get your earnings. Google, depending on your country (payment address), gives you the following payment options:

  • Checks
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
  • EFT via Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA)
  • Wire Transfer
  • Western Union Quick Cash

If you’re in Kenya, you get three options: Checks, Wire Transfer and Western Union Quick Cash. Of these, the simplest way to get your earnings hassle free and within the quickest time is the last option: Western Union Quick Cash. The benefits of using Quick Cash are as follows:

  • You money arrives instantly after release unlike a check which you’ve to wait to arrive in your mail box.
  • You don’t need a bank account to get your cash, and with that, no bank fees.
  • You won’t be charged any extra fee to get your cash.

To get your cash using Western Union Quick Cash, you only need two things:

  • Your Google Payment receipt info, and
  • Your national ID

Armed with these two things, you can pay a visit to any one of the hundreds of Western Union agents countrywide and withdraw your cash. If you wish and if the agent supports it, you can get you cash in the currency it was sent with (either Euro or Dollar); otherwise it will be converted to the local currency (KES).

So if you’ve not yet set up a payment method yet, go to: Menu > Payments and set it to Western Union Quick Cash.

Getting Your Cash

After setting up your payment method as Western Quick Cash and assuming you’ve reached your payment threshold, Google will release your earnings and send them automatically via Western Union Quick Cash.

Google will alert you of this via an email sent to the email address you’ve registered your AdSense account with. A receipt of this payment will be available in your Payment Settings by going to:

Menu  > Payments > Transactions then under the earning period click to open the Automatic Payment: Western Union… link.

This receipt contains all the info you need to withdraw your money from a Western Union agent that supports Quick Cash.

The info that is needed in this receipt is the:

  • The amount of money being sent
  • Western Union MTCN Number
  • The person sending you the cash e.g. Google Ireland, Ltd., Dublin 4, Ireland or Google Inc. 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, California 94043, USA
  • The Billing ID which serves as the Answer to the Test Question if asked to fill one.

The payment receipt looks something like this:

AdSense Payment Receipt

Save this info somewhere or better yet, just print it to a PDF or a physical paper and carry it with you when you go to withdraw. Don’t forget your ID and a photocopy of it as it may be needed in some banks.

A list of the Kenyan Western Union agents that support Quick Cash countrywide can be found by searching your nearest location here. Most banks however do support Western Union QucikCash and you can withdraw from them without having or opening an account with them.

Examples of banks I’ve successfully withdrawn from include PostBank, KCB and Equity. When in doubt, go with the PostBank as they are the regional agents for Western Union in Kenya.

Alternatively, you can simply withdraw the cash to your Bank account if your Bank has Western Union Qucik Cash, which it should.

NOTE: If you don’t withdraw your cash within 60 days, the money is credited back to your AdSense account.

I think that covers everything on how to get you Google AdSense earnings but if I’ve left out anything or you’ve a question regarding any of this, just drop me a comment below or reach me through my contact page and I’ll get to you as soon as I can.

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