How to Withdraw Money from HF Whizz to M-PESA

HF Whizz is the mobile banking application by HFC Bank. Available to existing customers and non-customers, the app includes services ranging from opening and managing bank accounts to applying for instant loans.

As part of managing one’s account, the app allows customers to conveniently deposit and withdraw money from the linked account. These transactions are made possible through the use of M-PESA services.

Depositing is done through the bank’s paybill number while withdrawing sends the money to one’s  registered Safaricom number or to a different M-PESA number.

Let’s take a look at how the latter is done.


Transfer Money from HFC Account to M-PESA using HF Whizz

1. Launch the app and select the SEND MPESA option.

send to mpesa
Send to M-PESA

2. In the next menu, select the account to withdraw funds from.

hfc account
Select HFC Account

Select the SELF option to send money to your registered M-PESA number. Otherwise, select the OTHER option and just below it enter a different Safaricom number or select it from your Contacts

3. You’ll now be prompted to confirm details of the transaction. At the bottom, the app tells you how much fees your account will be charged for the Send to M-PESA.

confirm details
Confirm Details

Tap on the PROCEED button to continue.

4. Next enter your HF Whizz PIN to complete the request.

Shortly after this you’ll receive an SMS from HFC confirming a successful debit and another from M-PESA confirming the received amount from 100401.

confirmation sms
Confirmation SMS from MPESA and HFC

If you registered your email address, you’ll also receive a new email from [email protected] confirming the transfer from your account.

If the transaction is not successful or you encounter some other problem, you can get help by contacting the HFC Customer Care on the toll free number 0800721400.

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