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How to Verify Your Vehicle Insurance Certificate

The Association of Kenya Insurers (AKI) rolled out the issuance of Digital Motor Vehicle Insurance Certificates (DMVIC) in October 2019. The institution plans to phase out completely the old certificates with digital certificates by mid 2020.

These digital certificates are geared towards curbing cases of insurance fraud as well as making the process of renewing policies and replacing certificates more convenient for the policy holders.

This is because unlike the old certificates which would have to be collected from an insurer or broker, digital certificates are sent to owners via email in PDF format for one to print for themselves. An owner can therefore reprint the certificate in the occasion the existing one gets stolen, lost or defaced.

Furthermore, these digital certificates include a QR Code as security measure which vehicle owners or the police can scan to verify its authenticity using the AKI VIC Verification App. This service is also available via USSD by dialling the code *352#.

Verify DMVIC with AKI VIC Verification App

  1. Install the AKI VIC Verification from Google Playstore for Android smartphones or the iOS App store if you’re using an iPhone.
  2. Launch the app and grant it the necessary permissions when prompted.
  3. Register using your names and mobile number then complete the OTP verification.
  4. Once on the start page of the app open the Verify Certificate by Scan option. This will launch the camera scanner.
  5. Go to your car and scan the QR code on the certificate code.
  6. The app will capture the certificate and after few seconds will provide results on whether its Genuine, Invalid, Cancelled or Expired.
Genuine Insurance Certificate
Genuine Private Car Insurance Certificate

Should the app indicate the certificate is not genuine, please contact your insurer or broker on how to proceed.

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