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How to Self Update Safaricom SIM Registration Details

Safaricom active customers are expected to update their mobile number registration details in order to be compliant with the government directives.

Subscribers can confirm whether the phone number(s) registered to their National ID are compliant by dialling *106#. Updating one’s registration details, however, was until recently only possible by visiting a Safaricom shop in person with the necessary documentation.

Fortunately, users now also have the option to update the details on their own by uploading their National ID online. This is especially useful for those outside the country or those located in remote areas.

Here’s how to go about it.


  1. Visit the Safaricom KYC page on your browser.
  2. Enter the Safaricom phone number you want to update ID details for, then click Next.
    A screenshot of the Safaricom KYC page.
  3. Enter the One-Time-Password (OTP) code that is sent to the phone number by SMS.
  4. Verify the phone number(s) registered to your ID.
  5. Take photos of the front and back of your National ID on a flat surface.
  6. Go back to the page and upload the front of the ID and click Upload file. Below it upload the back side.
    A screenshot of the front ID upload section..
  7. Click the Verify the button.
  8. Give the page a few seconds to process the request. You’ll then get a success message that your document has been submitted.
  9. Click the Finish Uploading button and wait until you get a response that your ID has been successfully received and is waiting validation
    A screenshot of a succesful KYC update.
  10. Once the verification is complete, you’ll get an SMS indicating the phone number is compliant as per the government regulations.
    A screenshot of the SMS confirming phone number is fully compliant.

Should you encounter any issues uploading the document, contact Safaricom customer care for assistance.

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