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How to Transfer Airtel Kenya’s Zawadi Points

Did you know that just like with Bonga Point you can also transfer your Zawadi points to another number? This is useful if you are in need of some extra points to redeem a service or device or just want to trade your points.

By wanting to do this I’ll assume you’ve already subscribed to Zawadi Points and have some points accumulated. Your recipient should likewise be enrolled into the program.

Getting Started

Before you can transfer, there are a couple of things worth noting:

  • the minimum amount of zawadi points you can transfer is 50. 
  • you should also be left with a minimum balance of 50 points after transferring your zawadi points,’re not allowed to transfer your entire points.
  • Before you can transfer your zawadi points you’re required to set up your Zawadi Points PIN. This is put in place to prevent anyone from transferring your points
    without your knowledge.

Setting up or Changing your Zawadi Points Pin

1. Dial *326#

2. From the menu select option 5 for Set or Change PIN.

Setting up the PIN

3. You’ll then get a prompt to enter your old PIN. If it’s your first time, the default PIN is 1234. If you’re changing your PIN, enter the PIN that you set up.

4. Next you’ll get a prompt to enter a New PIN. Enter a four-digit number, and while you’re at it use something less obvious and that you don’t use anywhere else.

pin change
PIN Updated

5. Now just wait and you should get the above confirmation SMS that your PIN has been changed.

Transferring Zawadi Points

1. Dial *326#

2. Choose option 4 for Transfer Points

transfer zawadi
Transferring Zawadi Points

3. Enter the number of points you want to transfer. Remember the minimum is 50.

minimum points
Minimum – 50 Zawadi Points

4. Enter the number of the recipient of points.

5. Enter your Zawadi Points PIN.

6. You’ll then get a prompt that the points have been transferred successfully.

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