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How to Top Up CIC MMF using M-PESA

The CIC Money Market Fund (MMF) is a low risk investment tool for those that want to save their money while earning interest.

Compared to the traditional saving accounts offered by banks, MMFs such as the one offered by CIC have two clear advantages: they tend to offer better interest rates and two, one can access their money at any time since they have no minimum investment periods (fixed durations.)

Customers of the CIC MMF also get the opportunity to top up their accounts in a convenient way using M-PESA. Since CIC uses Co-operative Bank for their MMF account, the top-up basically involves sending money to their bank account via the PayBill option. Here’s how to go about it.


  1. Go to your M-PESA menu and select the PayBill option.
  2. Enter the PayBill number 600118.
  3. For the Account Number enter your CIC Member Number followed by an M e.g. if your member number is 12345 you’ll enter 12345M.
  4. Enter your M-PESA Pin to confirm the transaction.

Shortly after this you’ll get an SMS from CIC confirming that you’ve successfully topped up your account. It will however take a few days for the amount to reflect in your account which you can check via the CIC Asset app or the CIC Asset Online Portal.

Should you experience any difficulties reach out to your account manager or email [email protected] for assistance.

PayBill Charges

While this may save customers a trip to the bank, it should be noted that Safaricom’s PayBill charges do apply and may prove costly when transferring large sums. Such charges may in the long run negate the interest you earn from the fund.

For a less costly option consider using PesaLink, RTGS (usually costly but varies with bank) or find a Co-op Kwa Jirani agent near you to do a deposit.

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