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Telkom Short Codes (USSD Codes) List

Telkom Kenya is the third largest mobile network in terms of subscriber base trailing behind Airtel and Safaricom. Long before it could don its vibrant turquoise and yellow colours, Telkom used be in a classy black and orange costume. This was pre-2017 when it was still owned by Orange and used to go by the name Orange Kenya.

The change of ownership breathed some new life into the network in the way of a major rebrand. Fortunately the change was smooth and not much was expected from the old subscribers other than the 4G upgrade that would roll out a few months later.

Thus, most of the products and services that were available on Orange Kenya were left intact. Such is the case of the USSD Codes that are used to access these services. With that said, some new codes have made their entry over the past year.

In the table below is a list of these Telkom Kenya’s Short codes that should help you access their services and also manage your account.

Telkom Kenya USSD Codes

ServiceUSSD CODEFunction
Main Menu *100# or #123#Main Menu to access all services and manage your account.
T-kash *160#Access Telkom’s mobile money services.
Airtime Balance*131# or *144#Check your airtime balance.
Credit Top Up*130*CODE#Top up your airtime from a scratch card voucher.
Buy Data Bundles*544#or *124#Buy or subscribe to various internet data bundles such as Freedom bundles, Night Bundles, Monthly Bundles etc.
Data Balance*131# or *544#Check your Telkom data bundle balance or visit or visit
Internet Everywhere BundlesSMS #123#bundlesize# to 430Buy data for internet everywhere (Modems) or visit
Home Plan Bundles*222#To buy home plan bundles for Telkom 4G Routers used at homes.
Internet SettingsSend a blank SMS message to 1234Get Telkom Kenya’s internet settings (APN).
My Data Manager*544*8#Activate My Data Manager.
Niaje Bundles*10#Voice bundle to subscribe to FREE Telkom to Telkom calls
and Ksh.2 to other networks.
Holla Bundles*10#Bundle with free Telkom to Telkom calls, data and SMS (across all networks). Calls to other networks charged at Ksh2/3 depending on bundle.
Unsubscribe Holla Bundles*11#Unsubscribe from auto-renewal of Holla Bundles.
SMS Bundles*188#Subscribe or Unsubscribe from Bulk SMS bundles.
Pasha*140#Transfer (sambaza) your airtime to another Telkom number. More info here.
PEWA*133#To get advance/emergency airtime on credit. More info here.
NisortCall 128MOBILENO eg. 1280775123456Reverse call charge i.e. have the number dialled charged for the call.
Ziada Points*126#Telkom’s loyalty program for accumulating and redeeming points. How to Enroll?
Ziada Points*131#Check Ziada points balance.
Mobile Number*130#Check your Telkom mobile number.
Check SIM Registration*232#Confirm details of your SIM registration.
Beat Yangu*811# or
Text ON to 1351
Telkom’s ring back tone service (like Skiza Tunes).
Telkom Entertainment*150#Premium subscript service to get SMS alerts on news, entertainment, sports, football scores, horoscopes, jokes etc.
VoicemailCall 123Activate or deactivate voicemail and lsiten to your voicemails. Detailed info here.
Please Call Me Send SMS to request a call back. Find out how here.
Customer CareCall 100Get help on your account and talk to a customer care agent.

Last updated: October 2018
Other Networks’ Shortcodes: Safaricom | Airtel

Found a USSD code that’s missing? Do let us know in the comments and it will be added into the table.

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