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Telkom Kenya Mobile Number Prefixes

Telkom Kenya is the third-largest mobile network in terms of subscriber numbers in the country. Partly owned by the government, the operator underwent a major rebranding in 2017 from Orange Kenya to Telkom Kenya after being sold to Helios Investments Partners.

Telkom’s rebranding seems to have paid off, with the operator registering a slight growth in subscriber numbers to stand currently around 3.5 million (2020).

While the company is yet to register profits, this trend may signal a change for the better, especially considering that their competitive rates coupled with their clever marketing campaigns have been rather effective.

The rebranded network has since launched some new prefixes to keep up with their new-found growth. Let’s take a look at their current mobile prefixes.

Telkom Kenya Prefixes

PrefixLocal Mobile NumberInternational Mobile Number
7700770 XXXXXX+254770 XXXXXX
7710771 XXXXXX+254771 XXXXXX
7720772 XXXXXX+254772 XXXXXX
7730773 XXXXXX+254773 XXXXXX
7740774 XXXXXX+254774 XXXXXX
7750775 XXXXXX+254775 XXXXXX
7760776 XXXXXX+254776 XXXXXX
7770777 XXXXXX+254777 XXXXXX
7780778 XXXXXX+254778 XXXXXX
7790779 XXXXXX+254779 XXXXXX

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Source: CAK
Last updated: May 2022

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