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How to Subscribe to Telkom SMS Bundles

Telkom Kenya has an SMS Bundle that’s similar to that of Safaricom and Airtel. Similar to Airtel’s SMS Bundles, on Telkom you can use your SMS bundles to text both on-net and off-net. This is unlike Safaricom’s SMS bundles which can’t be used to text users on other local networks.

Other features worth noting with regards to Telkom’s SMS Bundles is that:

  • Telkom only offers daily SMS bundle. They used to have monthly bundle but it has since been removed.
  • You can buy more than one SMS bundle before the validity period of a preceding bundle has ended. SMS from the newer subscription are added to the older SMS bundle.
  • The SMS cannot be used for international SMS. Such SMS will be charged from your airtime.
  • The daily SMS bundles are auto-renewed.
  • Unused SMS are not rolled over as it’s the case with Airtel SMS Bundles.

You can subscribe to Telkom Kenya’s SMS bundles through:

  • USSD
  • My Telkom App
  • Your T-Kash Menu (T-kash activation necessary)

Let’s take a look at the first two methods.

Option 1: Subscribe using USSD

1. Dial *188#. You can also dial either *123*3*3# or *100*3*3#.

sms bundles
SMS Bundles

2. Select the daily SMS bundle to buy. There are only two to choose from:

  • Daily 50 SMS Bundle (all networks) at Ksh.5
  • Daily 250 SMS Bundle (200 on-net and 50 off-net) at Ksh.10

3. Confirm the subscription by replying with 1.

Option 2: Subscribe using My Telkom App

1. Download and install My Telkom from Google Playstore if you haven’t yet.

2. In the app’s start page, select the Bundles option that’s on the bottom menu .

3. Select the SMS Bundles item then choose the exact SMS bundles you wish to buy.

my telkom sms bundles
My Telkom App

 4. Finish by tapping the subscribe button followed by accepting the confirmation prompt.

How to Unsubscribe from Telkom’s SMS Bundles

1. Dial *188# (or *123*3*3# / *100*3*3#) then reply with 3 for Unsubscribe.

2. Next reply with the SMS bundle you were subscribed to: 1 for Daily 50 or 2 for Daily 250.

select bundle
Select Bundle to Unsubscribe

2. Confirm the stopping of auto-renewal (unsubscription) by replying with 1.

You can also unsubscribe via the app by going to the SMS bundle menu, selecting the bundle you’re subscribed then tap the unsubscribe button.

Checking your Telkom SMS Bundles Balance

To check your SMS bundle balance, dial the usual balance shortcode *131# or go to My Account section in My Telkom App.

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