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How to Subscribe to Safaricom SMS Bundles

SMS messaging is yet to lose its usefulness despite the wide adoption of mobile messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram. However, it’s this very reason that has made SMS more accessible in terms of affordability.

While Safaricom charges Ksh.1 for both on-net and off-net SMS, this rate however may not be practical when sending multiple SMS. An SMS bundle that comes with bulk SMS is instead better suited for such tasks as it offers you better value for your money.

Safaricom has a such a service however the SMS are on-net only and thus cannot be used to send SMS across networks. For both off-net and on-net SMS bundles consider using either Airtel’s or Telkom’s SMS Bundles.

Subscribing to an SMS Bundle

1. Go to your phone and dial the code *188#.

sms bundle options
SMS Bundle Options

2. Select the validity period of the SMS Bundle followed by the SMS bundle you wish to subscribe to. The available SMS bundles are:


  • 20 SMS daily at Ksh.5
  • 200 SMS daily at Ksh.10
  • 500 SMS daily at Ksh.20


  • 400 SMS at Ksh.30
  • 700 SMS at Ksh.50


  • 1500 SMS at Ksh.100
  • 3500 SMS at Ksh.200

3. Select whether to Buy Once or to AutoRenew once the validity period is over. You should then receive an SMS confirming the subscription

Unsubscribing from SMS Bundles

To unsubscribe from Safaricom SMS Bundles, whether daily, weekly or monthly do the following:

1. Dial 188*6# or dial *188# first then reply with 6 for Unsubscribe.

2. Reply with 1 to check the Active SMS Bundle you have otherwise reply with 2 to Unsubscribe from all SMS Bundles.

unsubscribe sms bundle
Unsubscribe from SMS Bundle

Checking Your SMS Bundle Balance

To check your Safaricom SMS Bundle balance, dial *188*5#. You should receive an SMS with your balance details. You can also check the balance by dialling *188# then reply with 5 for Check SMS Balance.

Buying an SMS Bundle for Another Number

You cannot sambaza your SMS bundles. What you can do however is buy for somebody else a bundle. To do this, do the following:

1. Dial *188*4# or dial *188# first then reply with 4 for Buy for Other Number.

2. Select the bundle validity period you wish to buy for them followed by the exact bundle. You can only buy for them either the weekly or monthly SMS bundles.

3. Enter the phone number of the recipient. then confirm the purchase.

buy for other number
Buy for other Number

SMS Bundle Conditions

Other than being on-net only, Safaricom SMS Bundles come with the following additional conditions:

  • The bundles expire at midnight (valid until 11.59PM). After this they either get auto-renewed or your bundle is terminated.
  • Unused SMS are not carried over to the next day even if your bundle gets auto-renewed
  • You cannot subscribe to more than one SMS Bundle in 24 hours.
  • To change your SMS Bundle, you’ll have to unsubscribe from the SMS Bundles first then you can subscribe to the bundle you want.
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