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How to Subscribe to and Redeem Telkom Ziada Points

Ziada Points is Telkom’s loyalty program in the same vein as Safaricom’s Bonga Points and Airtel’s Zawadi Points. The loyalty program has been there from the start, that is, it went by the same name even before the company re-branded from Orange Kenya to Telkom.

As a result, the program wasn’t affected by this unexpected change and old customers retained their Ziada Points.

How to Enrol to Ziada Points?

Unlike the other aforementioned networks, with Telkom you automatically get enrolled into Ziada Points the moment you activate your Telkom line. Now that’s Loyalty on the part of the company. Unfortunately, the program is only available for prepaid customers unlike their competitors who also include their post-paid subscribers in their programs.

How do you Earn Ziada Points?

You get Ziada points when you spend money on calls, data and SMS messages. For every Ksh.1 spent on this services you earn 1 Ziada Point.

How to Check and Redeem Your Ziada Points?

To check your Ziada Points dial *126# on your Telkom line. The points are listed at the top of the menu. In addition to this, the points are listed when you check your Balance by dialling *131#.

With your Ziada Points you get the option to redeem three things:

  • Data Bundles
  • Airtime
  • Devices
ziada points menu
Ziada Points and Redeemable Items

Data Bundles redeem various freedom data bundles and Airtime gets you credit which you can use across all networks for calls, SMS and data.

Lastly, you can also redeem the Ziada Points for various devices including Phones, Wi-Fi Dongles and Routers. To redeem a device, you need points in the ranges of 50,000+ though you probably can get more options when you visit a Telkom shop.

Unlike with Airtel’s Zawadi Points and Bonga Points, Telkom doesn’t do “business” with their Loyalty Program. As such you can only redeem a device using Ziada points – no discount vouchers or topping up with cash.

What about Transferring Ziada Points?

Likewise, Telkom doesn’t allow transferring of Ziada points like on Airtel and Safaricom.

When you combine this and the previous point, then it’s quite clear that the company unlike its two big competitors, is very keen on not commodifying its loyalty program; and while this may come across as being counter-intuitive, that ought to be the premise of any loyalty program – rewarding rather than transacting.

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