How to Stop Promotion SMS Texts from Safaricom

There are two kind of promotional SMS that we receive on our phones: those from your mobile network operator and those from other businesses and organizations.

We’ve already looked on how to stop marketing SMS from the latter but chances you’d also want to stop those from Safaricom too. These SMS are those that typically have to do with offers, new products or services and promotions that the network may be running.

Previously, Safaricom was guilty of sending too many of such text messages on a daily basis. It wasn’t until much public outcry that the company toned down on its “spamming” habits while providing a means through which users could unsubscribe from these SMS. Here’s how to access and use this service.


Stop Safaricom Promotional Text Messages

1. Dial *100# to access Safaricom’s Main Menu.

2. Reply with 2 for My Account.

3. Select 1 to Manage my subscriptions/products.

4. In the next menu select 4 for STOP Safaricom Promotional Messages.

5. You’ll then get a prompt asking you whether you’d wish to continue to receiving SMS information on Safaricom offers and promotions. Reply with 1 for No.

sms stopped
Promotion SMS Stopped

5. You should then get the above reply that you’ll no longer receive such SMS again.


How to Enable Safaricom Promotional Text Messages

sms reactivated
Promotion SMS Reactivated

If you’d wish to start receiving these SMS again, follow the above steps then reply with 2 for Yes instead of No.

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