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How to Stop Airtel Kenya Promotion SMS Messages

Network operators are by the day diversifying their product line ups to entice more subscribers just as much as they need to keep a hold on their loyal customers; that is, lest they stray to the competition on account of the same.

So while the comedy laced TV Ads and static commuter commercial breaks might work for the former, a more personalised approach is rightly assumed to fare much better with regards to already loyal subscribers. 

Still, there’s no excuse for operators to send numerous SMS messages to their subscribers every other day, especially if they are saying the same thing. One message is enough, two can be allowed if ignorance is assumed on our part, but three? That’s tantamount to spamming.

Airtel is no stranger to this as is Safaricom who not long ago were the worst offenders. If you wish to stop getting Airtel’s marketing SMS messages, typically those concerned with offers, do the following.

Stop Promotional SMS

1. Dial *100# on your Airtel Line.

2. Enter 2 for Manage My Account.

Manage my Account

3. Enter 9 for Stop Promotional SMS

stop sms
Stop Promotional SMS

4. Enter 1 to confirm and that’s it.


NOTE: The exact numbers in the USSD menu keep getting updated so I can’t guarantee they will appear as they do here. As such, follow the titles not the numbers.

Now you’ll have to wait for 48hrs for your request to be processed and be effective. Meanwhile you’ll continue receiving promotional SMS’s from Airtel.


With this now you won’t be forced to bear with the constant barrage of marketers knocking i your inbox for the better part of the day. The days of them welcoming themselves in the inbox only to pile up in the waiting room while eagerly waiting to be given an ear in the living room are now over.

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