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Safaricom Voicemail (Call Divert) Activation Codes

Safaricom provides its customers with a voicemail service that enables their callers to leave voice messages when one is unavailable, is not answering or is currently on another call.

The voicemail service uses call divert (forwarding) that redirects the incoming calls to certain numbers, hence the name voicemail diverts. Safaricom provides the following four voicemail diverts:

  • Unreachable (e.g phone is switched off or in poor network conditions)
  • No Reply (not picking up the call)
  • Busy (on another call)
  • All (all the above diverts)

One can either activate all the voicemail diverts or specific ones as needed. Activation is done using specific call divert numbers that are dialled in the same way as Safaricom USSD codes.

You can also deactivate Safaricom’s voicemail diverts using a different set of codes. Let’s take a look at both of them.

Voicemail Activation and Retrieval Codes

VoicemailUSSD CODEFunction
Activate Voicemail 1**62*0722122122#Activates voicemail when Unreachable.
Activate Voicemail 2**61*0722122122#Activates voicemail when there is No Reply.
Activate Voicemail 3**67*0722122122#Activates voicemail when Busy (on another call).
Retrieve VoicemailsCall 132 or 111Listen to your voicemail messages. (Note: Default voicemail PIN is 1234).
Activate Missed Call Alert Service*62*0722199199#Get SMS alerts on missed calls when unreachable (i.e. I tried to call you at…. Please call me back)
Note: This also activates Voicemail Type 1 (when unreachable) More info
Activate Caller Notify Service*62*0722188188#Activate the missed call alert service and also allow your callers to be notified when you’re reachable (i.e. You attempted to call me but I was not available.)
Note: This also activates Voicemail Type 1 (when unreachable) More info

Voicemail Deactivation Codes

VoicemailUSSD CODEFunction
Deactivate Voicemail##002#Deactivates all voicemail diverts.
Deactivate Voicemail 1##62#Deactivates voicemail when Unreachable.
Deactivate Voicemail 2##61#Deactivates voicemail when there is No Reply.
Deactivate Voicemail 3##67#Deactivates voicemail when Busy (on another call).
Deactivate Missed Call Alert Service##62#Deactivates the missed call alert service along with voicemail when unreachable.
Deactivate Caller Notify Service##62#Deactivates the missed call alert and caller notify services along with voicemail when Unreachable.

Other Short Codes:

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