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Safaricom Mobile Number Prefixes

Safaricom is the largest mobile network in Kenya, with a subscriber base of nearly 30 million. With such record numbers, their prefix turnover has been similarly high over the years to keep up with this growth.

While their dominance remains unrivalled, Safaricom’s market share is not growing exponentially as it used to and this is courtesy of its two main competitors, Airtel and Telkom Kenya that tend to be comparatively more affordable.

Despite this, Safaricom continues to register some growth in subscriber count and this evident through their new mobile prefixes.

Let’s take a look at all Safaricom prefixes, from old to new ones.

Safaricom PLC Older Prefixes

PrefixLocal Mobile NumberInternational Mobile Number
7010701 XXXXXX+254701 XXXXXX
7020702 XXXXXX+254702 XXXXXX
7030703 XXXXXX+254703 XXXXXX
7040704 XXXXXX+254704 XXXXXX
7050705 XXXXXX+254705 XXXXXX
7060706 XXXXXX+254706 XXXXXX
7070707 XXXXXX+254707 XXXXXX
7080708 XXXXXX+254708 XXXXXX
7100710 XXXXXX+254709 XXXXXX
7110711 XXXXXX+254711 XXXXXX
7120712 XXXXXX+254712 XXXXXX
7130713 XXXXXX+254713 XXXXXX
7140714 XXXXXX+254714 XXXXXX
7150715 XXXXXX+254715 XXXXXX
7160716 XXXXXX+254716 XXXXXX
7170717 XXXXXX+254717 XXXXXX
7180718 XXXXXX+254718 XXXXXX
7190719 XXXXXX+254719 XXXXXX
7200720 XXXXXX+254720 XXXXXX
7210721 XXXXXX+254721 XXXXXX
7220722 XXXXXX+254722 XXXXXX
7230723 XXXXXX+254723 XXXXXX
7240724 XXXXXX+254724 XXXXXX
7250725 XXXXXX+254725 XXXXXX
7260726 XXXXXX+254726 XXXXXX
7270727 XXXXXX+254727 XXXXXX
7280728 XXXXXX+254728 XXXXXX
7290729 XXXXXX+254729 XXXXXX

Safaricom PLC Newer Prefixes

PrefixLocal Mobile NumberInternational Mobile Number
7400740 XXXXXX+254740 XXXXXX
7410741 XXXXXX+254741 XXXXXX
7420742 XXXXXX+254742 XXXXXX
7430743 XXXXXX+254743 XXXXXX
7450745 XXXXXX+254745 XXXXXX
7460746 XXXXXX+254746 XXXXXX
7480748 XXXXXX+254748 XXXXXX
7570757 XXXXXX+254757 XXXXXX
7580758 XXXXXX+254758 XXXXXX
7590759 XXXXXX+254759 XXXXXX
7680768 XXXXXX+254768 XXXXXX
7690769 XXXXXX+254769 XXXXXX
7900790 XXXXXX+254790 XXXXXX
7910791 XXXXXX+254791 XXXXXX
7920792 XXXXXX+254792 XXXXXX
7930793 XXXXXX+254793 XXXXXX
7940794 XXXXXX+254794 XXXXXX
7950795 XXXXXX+254795 XXXXXX
7960796 XXXXXX+254796 XXXXXX
7970797 XXXXXX+254797 XXXXXX
7980798 XXXXXX+254798 XXXXXX
7990799 XXXXXX+254799 XXXXXX
1100110 XXXXXX+254110 XXXXXX
1110111 XXXXXX+254111 XXXXXX
1120112 XXXXXX+254112 XXXXXX
1130113 XXXXXX+254113 XXXXXX
1140114 XXXXXX+254114 XXXXXX
1150115 XXXXXX+254115 XXXXXX

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Source: CAK
Last Updated: May 2022

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