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How to Repay HELB Loan through Bank Account

The Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) offers various means of repaying HELB loans such as via M-PESA paybill 200800 and Credit or Debit (ATM) card.

The board also supports loan repayment via bank deposits to various banks. This can be done either directly by the borrower or as monthly deductions from one’s salary through an employer.

These monthly instalments are however expected not to be more than 25% of the employee’s basic salary.

On completion of the loan repayment, the borrower is issue with a HELB Clearance Certificate. On the other hand, failure to repay the HELB loan as agreed on the contract attracts penalties which are added to the borrower’s loan account.

This may also lead to a negative listing in the Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) which lock one out from accessing loan facilities as well as getting the CRB clearance certificate that’s required by employers.

HELB Bank Account Numbers

Loan payments are to be completed through a standing order, cash deposit or direct transfer (EFT i.e. from one bank to another) to the bank accounts listed below. The borrower’s National ID number should always be indicated in all payments.

BankAccount NumberBranch
Citibank300 040 012Nairobi
Co-operative Bank011290 612 228 00University-way
Barclays Bank077 501 8216Barclays Plaza
Kenya Commercial Bank1103 266 314University-way
Standard chartered Bank010 801 826 4700Koinange street
Equity Bank055 029 357 3408Equity Center
National Bank of Kenya01001060391100Harambee Avenue
Family Bank035 000 024 971Family Bank Towers
Chase Bank0332084215001Family Bank Towers
NIC Bank1002247638Delta
Jamii Bora Bank0011748527001Koinange street
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