How to Please Call Me on Telkom Kenya

Have you ever been in a situation where you need to make a call but either have insufficient or no airtime to make one? Fortunately, Telkom offers you a whole host of services to cover you in such situations.

These include the likes of PEWA (advance airtime), NiSort or even redeeming your Ziada points for Airtime. One problem though: some of these come at a premium. So what do you do to avoid taking up extra costs? You use the good old flashback request that has always been free.

Please call me as it’s more commonly known is synonymous with Safaricom who were the first to offer the service, however a similar services can now also be found on both Airtel and Telkom Kenya.

The call me back request on Telkom is done through the USSD menu unlike the Safaricom one that’s done directly through a short code. Still, it’s better than having nothing at all. Here’s how to make one.


Sending a Please Call Me

1. Dial *100# or #123# on your then enter 5 for Products and services.

products and services
Products and Services

2. Next enter 2 for Please call me.

please call me
Please Call Me

3. In the next menu enter the Telkom phone number of the person you’re requesting to call you and send the request.

phone number
Enter the Phone Number

4. You’ll get a message from Telkom that the request has been sent to that number. The recipient will then get a text message of your request which looks as follows:

request sms
Request SMS

It should go without saying that the requests can only be made out to other Telkom numbers.


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