Hey there and welcome to Kenyan Fix!

I go by the name of Kelvin and I'm the guy behind most of the content appearing on this blog. This is an offshoot to my original blog which features content with no particular geographical target in terms of its intended audience. Some uniquely Kenyan content however got interspersed there with time (after all I'm Kenyan) and that prompted me to consider doing some content segregation to better serve my readers. This site was the result of those considerations.

For that reason, the content appearing in this blog is Kenyan focused and purely informational for the most part. My goal here as the blog title alludes to is to help you solve or navigate through some uniquely Kenyan problems or information you're looking for. I recognize that solutions are important as are facts with this kind of content and these are two things I endeavour to achieve before publishing any post.

With that said, some subjectivity and idiosyncrasies are inevitable as is the case with my writing approach (or style if you'd afford me that description). Much of that opinionated writing however I reserve for the Kenyan Fix Blog. Nevertheless, it's my sincere hope that you'll find something of value here.

If you have any queries regarding any of the content appearing on this blog or would like to have your product/service reviewed or featured, you're welcome to contact me via my contact page.



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