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Mobile Banking USSD Codes for Kenyan Banks

Kenyan banks have embraced mobile banking that allows their account holders to conveniently access various services from their phones. In the past, such services would have required the customer to physically go to a bank’s nearest branch.

Some of the banking services accessible through various mobile banking platforms include:

  • Checking Account Balances
  • Getting Bank Statements
  • Transferring Funds to other Accounts
  • Transferring Funds to other Bank Accounts
  • Transferring Funds to Mobile Money Platforms (e.g. M-pesa, Airtel Money)
  • Withdrawing Cash via Mobile Money and Local Bank Agents
  • Loading Cash into Prepaid Debit Cards (e.g. KCB Pepea)
  • Mobile Loans
  • Purchasing Airtime

The mobile banking is typically accessed in two ways:
1. Via a USSD Code
2. Via Banking Apps

In addition to this two are paybill numbers which allow customers to deposit money from mobile money platforms into their bank accounts and also repay loans.

USSD Codes for Various Kenyan Banks

The USSD code option tends to be the more popular option as it can be accessed on all types of phones without the need for internet. It however still attracts charges from the mobile operator in addition to those the bank may charge for accessing various services.

These codes are unique for each bank and require prior registration with the bank in order to access an account through a particular mobile number and PIN.

Let’s take a look at the codes for various banks and microfinance banks (DTM) in Kenya.

BankUSSD for Mobile Banking
Equity Bank*247#
Co-operative Bank*667#
Family Bank Ltd*325#
National Bank*625#
Barclays Bank Kenya Ltd.*224#
Standard Chartered Bank*722#
CFC Stanbic*208#
Commercial Bank of Africa*654#
NIC Bank Limited*488#
Diamond Trust Bank (DTB)*385#
Housing Finance Company (HFC)*231#
Consolidated Bank LTD*262#
Bank of Africa (BOA)*987#
I & M Bank Limited*458#
Imperial Bank*356#
Chase Bank*275#
Credit Bank*669#
First Community Bank Ltd*342#
K-rep Bank*527#
Post Office Savings Bank*498#
Jamii Bora Bank*344#
Gulf African Bank*399#
Equatorial Commercial Bank*286#
Transnational Bank*862#
UBA Bank*368#
ABC Bankvia ABC Bank App
GTBank Kenyavia GTBank App
Prime Bankvia PrimeMobi App

Microfinace USSD Codes

Microfinance (DTM)USSD for DTM Mobile Banking
Faulu Microfinance Bank*339#
Kenya Women Microfinance Bank (KWFT)*859#
Rafiki Microfinance Bank*366#
Musoni Microfinance*279#
SMEP Microfinance Bank*741#
Vision Fund Kenya*985#
Sumac MicroFinance Bank*882*21# (registration)
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