How to Know Your Telkom Kenya Phone Number

Since rebranding from Orange to Telkom Kenya, the telecommunication company has making strides by attracting new subscribers into it’s network. This could be attributed to their rather effective ad campaigns but even more importantly to their very affordable call and data rates.

If you’re new to the network, it’s likely that you may not be knowing your Telkom phone number since it’s not usually printed on the SIM Card holder nowadays. You can however confirm your number through USSD, by accessing the Telkom Kenya subscriber portal or by using My Telkom App.


Option 1: Check Number using USSD

1. Dial *130# on with your Telkom line.

2. Your Telkom number will be displayed in the USSD message.

telkom number
Telkom Phone Number

Alternatively you can:

1. Dial *100# or #123# and enter 1 for My Account.

2. In the next menu enter 2 for My Number.

telkom my number
My Number

3. Your number will then be displayed in the next USSD menu.


Option 2: Check Number using Telkom’s Subscriber Portal

You can also check your mobile number by accessing the Telkom Kenya subscriber portal with your SIM Card. Just turn on to use the internet using that SIM Card then visit: . If it asks you to log in first, use the Auto-login option thats on the same page, otherwise you’ll have to input your phone number.

telkom kenya portal
Phone Number in Telkom Kenya Portal   

You don’t need an active data bundle to access this site nor will you data bundle be consumed for accessing it.


Option 3: Check Number using My Telkom App

You can also check your number using My Telkom app assuming you had already set it up (registration requires you to input phone number) and it’s just a case of you forgetting the number. Your mobile number is clearly displayed on the app’s start page just beside your name.

my telkom app
Phone No. on My Telkom App

Though the app needs an internet connection to run, you don’t need to have an active data bundle for it to work. Just make sure the connection you’re using is from your Telkom SIM card.

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