How to Know Your Safaricom Phone Number


Safaricom has the largest subscriber base in the country and the widest network as well. As a result, their mobile number prefixes are also numerous compared to the other local mobile networks.

Despite being the least affordable of the networks, Safaricom still attracts new subscribers perhaps due to their wide network coverage coupled with the widely adopted M-PESA. If you are a new or old subscriber and don’t know or have forgotten you mobile number, you can check it by doing the following.



1. Dial *100# with your Safaricom line and choose My Account from the menu options.

2. In the next menu choose My Number.

3. Your Safaricom phone number will be displayed in the next USSD menu.

safaricom number
Safaricom Phone Number

Now all that’s left of you is to memorise this number. You could also write is somewhere or just save it in your contacts.

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