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Standard Investment Bank (SIB) is a leading investment firm based in Kenya that provides services such as Asset Management, Securities Trading, Market Research, Investment Management and Corporate Finance.

The firm was licensed as the first Online Forex Trading Money Manager in Kenya by the Capital Markets Authority (CMA) under the CMA Online Forex Trading Regulations, 2017.

In January 2019 the firm launched MansaX, the flagship product of their global markets divisions that seeks to provide Kenyans with a diversified investment avenue away from the traditional asset classes (stocks, treasury bills/bonds, unit trusts etc).

MansaX successfully squeezed out an Average Annualized Return of 20.3% as at H1’2020. The fund which provides investors with global markets exposure delivered annualized returns of 24.45% in Q1’2020 and 16.08% in Q2’2020 effectively delivering one of the best returns in the COVID-19 period.


What is MansaX?

MansaX is a Global Multi-Asset Strategy Fund with a long/short trading model, specifically designed to optimize returns for clients even during turbulent market conditions while protecting their capital from downside risks. The fund achieves this by utilizing complex portfolio allocation techniques while hedging capital exposure.


What assets does MansaX invest in?

The fund invests in:

  • Currencies
  • Precious Metals
  • Commodities
  • Cash & Cash Equivalents
  • Derivatives
  • Single Stocks & Stock Indices

Who is the primary custodian of the fund?

I&M Bank

Who is the manager of the fund?

Standard Investment Bank (SIB)

Who regulates the fund?

The Capital Markets Authority (CMA)

What is the minimum investment amount for MansaX?

KES. 250,000

What has been the performance of MansaX since its inception?

The fund has delivered the following interest rates:

• Q1 2019 – 36.12%
• Q2 2019 – 14.04%
• Q3 2019 – 26.52%
• Q4 2019 – 29.76%
• Q1 2020 – 24.45%
• Q2 2020 – 16.08%

mansax interest rate
Q1 2019 – Q2 2020 Performance

With the following rates, an investor with a principal of KES. 1,000,000 invested from 15th January 2019 to 30th June 2020 would have a return of KES. 1,348,026.41

What are the fees for investing in the fund?

• 0% Redemption Fee
• 5% Management Fee
• 10% Performance Fee above hurdle rate (25%) i.e. fees charged when the interest rate goes above the projected rate.

What are total assets under management?

By the second quarter of 2020 the fund had KES 1.4 Billion assets under management.

Caroline Kathure


Caroline Kathure is a Relationship Manager in the Global Markets Division at Standard Investment Bank. To get more insights or invest in the MansaX fund, feel free to contact her by filling the contact form below.

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