How to Reset Your Forgotten eCitizen Password

The eCitizen portal is your one stop place as a Kenyan citizen to access government services online. From renewing driving licenses, applying for Good Conduct Certificates to even registering your new businesses.

These and other services from various government departments are now only fingertips away from you as opposed to the past where one had to bear long queues scattered at different offices within the capital.

This convenience however comes at some cost. First and foremost is the appropriately titled convenience fee which you’ve to part with as a service charge for using the eCitizen portal. The other cost is the all too familiar tragedy of our connected lives: remembering passwords.

Taking into account the number of online personas we are compelled to keep nowadays it’s inevitable that forgetting passwords itself becomes equally commonplace.

Fortunately, there are safeguards in place to remedy this shortfall in memory. It’s called resetting passwords and today we’ll be looking on how we can do that for our long forgotten eCitizen passwords.


Reset eCitizen Password

1. Go to the eCitizen Login page and click the Forgot your password? link above the Login button.

forgot password
Forgot Your Password?

2. In the next page you’ll be requested to provide your National ID Number or the Email address your signed up your eCitizen account with. Enter these details then click the Reset My Password button.

reset password
Reset My Password

3. You’ll now be prompted to choose how you’d like to reset your password. The reset code can be sent either to your email address or as a text message to the mobile number you registered your eCitizen account with. Take your pick and click the Continue button to proceed.

reset method
Reset Method


  • I recommend going with the phone number option as it was from my experience much quicker.

4. You’ll immediately receive a confirmation code on your phone number. If you chose the email option, check your inbox.

5. Take this code and enter it into the eCitizen page.

reset code
Reset Code

6. You’ll now be prompted to create a new password for your account. Create and confirm it.

7. Now just go back to the login page and sign in using your new password. That’s it.

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