How to Buy Airtime Online using Tingg

If you’d rather not use Tingg’s *369# USSD and can’t use the app, then you’ve a last resort in using their website. It’s much easier and quicker to use compared to the USSD but of course you need internet to use it.

You can access it from either your mobile or desktop browser, however you’ll still need your phone with you to complete the payment process as it’s currently done via M-PESA only.

For that reason, I reckon MasterCard/Visa which is already available as a payment option on the app would be a really good fit here. Fortunately, you will incur no transactional charges when you use M-PESA.

Anyway, for now let’s just see how we can buy airtime for our Airtel, Safaricom or Telkom numbers on the site.



1. Go to the Tingg website here.

2. Enter the number you wish to buy airtime for ( Airtel, Safaricom or Telkom).

3. Select the amount from the options available. If you need a higher or specific amount, select Other and enter amount manually.

4. Enter the Safaricom number to pay with using M-PESA.

5. Click the Buy Now button to submit the request.

tingg airtime site

6. You should get a notification on your phone’s Sim Toolkit requesting you to validate the payment by entering your M-PESA PIN. Input your PIN to authorize the payment.

7. Wait a couple of seconds and your top up should be completed. You will also receive SMS messages from M-PESA and Tingg confirming transaction and top up respectively.

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