How to Apply for a KRA Clearance Certificate on iTax

The Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC), otherwise known as KRA Clearance Certificate, is a document that’s used to show your tax compliance as provided by the law; that is, paying your taxes and filing your tax returns.

This certificate is often part of the clearance exercise that is often required while appliying for government and county jobs. It’s also required by individuals and companies seeking to apply for various tenders.

Now unlike most of the other clearance certificates, the TCC doesn’t cost you anything. Even better, your physical presence is not necessary as the whole process is carried out on KRA’s online iTax Portal.

Consequently, you need to have or apply for a KRA PIN before you can apply for the certificate. Once you’ve your PIN and can login into your iTax dashboard, you can proceed to apply for the TCC as follows.


Getting Your Tax Compliance Certificate

1. Go to the KRA iTax Portal and enter your PIN to proceed.

Enter your PIN

2. Next enter your Login ID (KRA PIN) and password then just below answer the security question and click the login button.


3. Once you’re logged in into your iTax dashboard, go to the menu and select Certificates. In the certificates sub-menu, select Apply for Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC).

apply for tcc
Apply for TCC

4. In the next page, you’ll be required to provide a reason for making the application. Once you’re done writing the reason, click the Submit button.

tcc reason
Reason for Requesting TCC

5. You should now get a message alerting you that your Application for the Tax Compliance Certificate has been submitted successfully.

You’ll be provided with an acknowledgement number with which you can track your application and a link to download the acknowledgement receipt in PDF form.

You will also get an email from KRA acknowledging this application.

6. Now you’ll have just wait for a few days as your application is reviewed. Once complete, the certificate will be sent the email address you registered your KRA PIN with for you to download .

tcc approval
TCC Approved

The certificate is in PDF form so you’ll have to print it. Mine took about three days to arrive, but if I wasn’t to count the weekend, then it would mean it took less than 24hrs.

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