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How to Apply for a HELB Clearance Certificate Online

The HELB Compliance Certificate, otherwise known as a HELB clearance certificate, is usually one of the requirements requested by employers on job applications.

These jobs tend to be either by the national government or the public service boards of one of the counties. As such, applying for this certificate is essential if one has hopes of being shortlisted or passing an interview.

Now it’s common knowledge that not everybody benefited from the HELB Student Loan. Nevertheless, non-beneficiaries as they’re called, are also expected to provide proof of this by applying for the compliance certificate.

The HELB Compliance Certificate previously used to be applied for and obtained at Huduma Centres however somewhere around the first half of 2018 things changed.

You’re now expected to create a profile on the HELB Portal and print the certificate on your own much like how you do when applying for a KRA Compliance Certificate.

Unlike the KRA one though, you’ll still be required to pay a processing fee of KSh.1000 to get your hands on that certificate. Here’s how to go about it.

Applying for HELB Compliance Certificate for Non-beneficiaries

Update: In July 2020, HELB waived the KSh1000 clearance certificate fee for non-beneficiaries. The post has been updated to reflect this development along with the new application process.

  1. Go to the new HELB Student Portal and register for a new account. Those that had an account on the old portal ( are required to create a new account afresh; the old logins do not work.
  2. After you’ve registered successfully and verified your account, log into the student dashboard.
  3. Complete your profile in order to access the services menu. Most of the fields are compulsory, however you don’t need to upload a profile photo.
  4. Under the HELB Menu click to open the Services option.
  5. In the list of services you’ll find the Compliance Certificate. Click the Get Certificate button to request the service.
    compliance certificate service
  6. The system will then confirm that you’re not a HELB loan beneficiary and proceed to give you an option to download the certificate in PDF which you can then print.

The compliance certificate expires exactly one year from the date of it was generated. Once it expires, you can log in back into the dashboard and request for a new certificate.

On the other hand, if you happen to lose the current certificate before the expiry, you can always eprint it from the same menu.

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