How to Apply for a HELB Clearance Certificate Online

The HELB Compliance Certificate, otherwise known as a HELB clearance certificate, is usually one of the requirements requested by employers on job applications. These jobs tend to be either by the national government or the public service boards of one of the counties. As such, applying for this certificate is essential if one has hopes of being shortlisted or passing an interview.

Now it’s common knowledge that not everybody benefited from the HELB Student Loan. Nevertheless, non-beneficiaries as they’re called, are also expected to provide proof of this by applying for the compliance certificate. I know this all too well as I happen fall under this group.

The HELB Compliance Certificate previously used to be applied for and obtained at Huduma Centres however somewhere around the first half of 2018 things changed.

You’re now expected to create a profile on the HELB Portal and print the certificate on your own much like how you do when applying for a KRA Compliance Certificate. Unlike the KRA one though, you’ll still be required to pay a processing fee of KSh.1000 to get your hands on that certificate. Here’s how to go about it.


Applying for HELB Compliance Certificate for Non-beneficiaries

Step 1: Create Your HELB Profile

1. Visit the HELB Portal preferably on a desktop/laptop.

2. Go to the menu, and under User Registration select Applicant Registration.


3. Enter your ID Number and your first name as it appears on your National ID, then click the Validate button.

id and name
Enter ID and First Name

4. The portal will indicate that your ID number has been found by displaying your names. Now provide your mobile number, email address and a unique password to create your HELB profile. When done click the Sign Up button.

create profile
Create Your HELB Account


  • for some reason the first email address field is hidden so take great care when entering your address.
  • the email address is automatically capitalized however don’t worry about this as email addresses are typically NOT case sensitive.

5. A confirmation link will now be sent to your email address. Click it to activate your HELB account.

Step 2: First Time Login

6. Clicking that link will redirect you to the portal for the first time login. Login in with your email address and the password you just created.

First Time Login

7. Once you’ve logged in, you are expected to provide your Personal Details on a form. Fill the mandatory fields on that form then click the Save button.

residence details
Add Residence Details

8. Just below the Personal Details form, click the Add Current Residence Details button. Fill the fields with the details of where you currently reside then click the Save button.

Step 3: Getting the Compliance Certificate

9. Saving that form will automatically redirect you to your HELB Dashboard. On the menu at the top under Online Services, click on the Compliance Certificate item.

compliace certificate
Select Compliace Certificate

10. To proceed you’ll now have to first pay the KSh.1000. The payment options currently available include M-PESA and KCB. I’ll be explaining the M-PESA method as it’s the quickest and most convenient option here. So under Payment mode, select M-PESA.

payment mode
Payment Mode

11. Next enter the Safaricom number you intend to make the M-PESA payment with and then click the Initiate Payment button. Before doing this, make sure you’ve your Phone with you.

initiate payment
Initiate Payment

12. You should almost immediately get a notification on your phone from SIM Toolkit/Application prompting you to authorize the payment of Ksh.1000 to a HELB account. Enter your M-PESA PIN and complete the transaction.

pay helb
Authorize Transaction

13. Once the transaction is confirmed on your end, go back to your HELB portal and click the Confirm Payment button.

confirm payment
Confirm Payment on HELB Portal

14. The portal will indicate that your MPESA payment has been received. Below it, click the Download Compliance Certificate button.

download helb certificate
Download your Compliance Certificate

15. The certificate is in PDF form so all that will be left for you to do is just print it.

And just like that you’ll be done. Say goodbye to the long at queues at Huduma Centres and attaching of all those documents they required previously.

Getting Help if You Had Already Began the Old Process

If you weren’t aware of this new online application process and had already made the payment to the KCB Bank Account (A/C: 1104823047) in anticipation of obtaining the certificate from a Huduma Centre, don’t worry.

Just call the HELB customer care at 0711052000 and you’ll be instructed on what to do. This is actually what happened to me since all the instructions I was reading online at the time pointed to that old procedure (hence the inspiration for this post). You can also get help from their email at contactcentre[at] though that may take more time.


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