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List of KRA PINs for Government Ministries

The Kenyan cabinet is currently composed of 21 ministries and several state departments and agencies. Below is a table of KRA PINs for these ministries which may be useful to government employees when filing their yearly tax returns.

Note that in some cases the PIN of a state department is equivalent to that of the ministry it is found in e.g. the PIN for the Ministry of Defence is the same one as that of the State Department of Defence (DOD) / KDF.

Ministry of Tourism & WildlifeP051142110X
Ministry of Industrialization, Trade & Enterprise DevelopmentP051098580Z
Ministry of Mining and PetroleumP051436342C
Ministry of EnergyP051098583R
Ministry of Devolution and Arid and Semi-Arid Lands (ASALs)P051098588W
Ministry of DefenceP051098785V
Ministry of Interior & Coordination of National GovernmentP051098563N
Ministry of HealthP051098575R
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International TradeP051098586U
Ministry of Lands and Physical PlanningP051098566Q
Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and FisheriesP051098567R
Ministry of East Africa Community and Regional DevelopmentP051128292H
Ministry of Labour and Social ProtectionP051098389V
Ministry of Water, Sanitation and IrrigationP051098568S
Ministry of Environment and ForestryP051098572Z
Ministry of Information, Communication and Technology (ICT)P051161723I
Ministry of Education, Science and TechnologyP051098571N
Ministry of Sports, Culture and HeritageP051191243K
Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure DevelopmentP051098584S
The National TreasuryP051098578U
Ministry of Public Service and GenderTBU
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