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How to Forward Airtel Kenya Calls

Call Forwarding, or Call Divert, is a telephony service that allows subscribers to transfer their incoming calls to a different number.

This service is available on most GSM networks and can be activated by suscribers using a compatible phone or by dialling special codes.

On Airtel Kenya subscribers can divert their calls to other Airtel Numbers or to a number on another network such as Safaricom or Telkom Kenya.

Call Forwarding Options

The call divert can be configured to apply to all incoming calls or only when certain conditions are met. The conditions that come standard in all phones include:

  • When Busy – this diverts an incoming call to the specified number when your line is busy (on another call).
  • When Unanswered – this diverts an incoming call to the specified number when you don’t take the call.
  • When Unreachable – this diverts all calls to the specified number when you can’t be reached.
  • Always Forward – this diverts all calls to the specified number regardless whether you’re reachable or not.

Unlike the case with Safaricom’s Call Forwarding on Airtel you don’t need to dial any short codes to activate the service.

You can instead activate the service by accessing the Call Forwarding settings on your particular Phone. The settings are usually located either on your Phone App settings or under Call Settings in the System settings.

Let’s take a look on how to access the settings on phones running the Android operating system.

Steps to Activate Call Forwarding on Android

  1. Open your default Phone app.
  2. Access the Settings option from the menu and navigate to Calling Accounts > Airtel line > GSM call settings > Voice > Call Forwarding.
  3. Give the app some to load the active settings from the operator.
  4. Enter the number you wish your calls to be diverted to in any of the options provided.
Call forwarding settings in Android
Call Forwarding Settings on the Android Phone App (Version 60)

For other phone models or if you can’t access the settings in the above location, please consult your phone’s manual or manufacturer for assistance.

Note: If you’ve already activated voicemail for your Airtel number, the Unreachable setting may override it.

Airtel Call Forwarding Charges

All incoming calls that are diverted and picked are charged on the forwarding Airtel number and not on the caller.

For instance, if you divert your calls to a Safaricom number, the caller won’t be charged anything by Safaricom. Instead, you’ll have to foot the cost of the call.

For forwarded calls, Airtel Kenya charges a collect fee of Ksh15 and a call rate of KSh10 per minute. Under this regime, a one-minute call diverted to, for example to Safaricom, will cost KSh25.

If the Airtel number doesn’t have enough airtime to complete the forwarding the call will default to unreachable. Subscribers using the service should therefore ensure they’ve sufficient airtime to make sure the forwarding works as intended.

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