How to Make Money with Kilimall Affiliate

Kilimall is one of the more established online retailers in Africa with a presence in Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria. As it’s to be expected, this is a place you ordinarily go to spend money with little to no afterthought of doing the opposite.

Indeed, you can make money with Kilimall and the good news is that you probably won’t have to put so much effort into it provided you meet some requirements that we’ll touch on later.

The amount of money you stand to earn here boils down to your intentions and efforts. So whether its making some money on the side to take care of some purchases or if it’s a considerable investment form which you expect to live off, its all doable.

Making money with any online retailer usually falls under two categories: selling your products on said platform or joining their affiliate program to promote listed products. Our main focus today will be on the latter, that is Kilimall’s Affiliate Program.


What’s An Affiliate Program?

This is essentially a program that turns you into a marketer of sort. You promote a particular product to potential buyers, and once a successful sale is made you earn a commission. The more successful sales you make by through this referring the more you stand to earn.

Earnings are however not fixed and typically rely on other metrics to determine the amount you can make from any sale. This usually involves two key things: the retail price of the product and the commission rate that deviates across various product categories.

Take for instance two very different products: women’s clothing and a home appliance such as home theatre system. The former obviously has two good things going for or it: it’s on high demand and costs way lower compared to the latter.

The commission for it may be high however to make some worthwhile money you’ll need to make higher volume sales in contrast to the home theatre system which makes more money with its considerably smaller commission rate, but which comes at the cost of its low demand.


Getting Started


What You Need

The most essential requirement here is an audience, preferably one with a good web presence backing it up. You need people to recommend these products to, and the larger they’re, the more likely that a few of them will see something that meets their needs enough to make a purchase.

This is certainly the hardest part of the whole thing but if you already have an audience you can get things going relatively quick. Common audiences include:

  • A Blog or Website
  • Facebook Page/Group
  • Google Plus Circles
  • A sizeable Twitter, Instagram and other social media following
  • WhatsApp or Telegram Groups/Channels
  • Forums
  • YouTube Channel
  • Using Pay Per Click Search Engine (e.g. have kilimall ads display on Google Search results for certain keywords)

If you have none of this already, don’t let it be a deterrent. There are many ways you can start building an audience, and more so while doing something you’re knowledgeable about or just simply enjoy. From the above list you can additionally tell most of them require little to no capital other than your time. So if you can spare some time, you can start building an audience for instance by:

  • Creating a blog on free blogging platforms such as WordPress or Google’s Blogger then write/share content on something you’re good at and promote your content using social media tools and on search engines. Next, be patient and your audience will grow slowly by slowly, provided you’re offering value to your readers. Quality and original content is key here; sometimes that’s enough on its own to grow an audience through organic search.
  • Creating a relevant Facebook Pages/Groups, WhatsApp groups and Telegram Channels/Groups

So let’s say you know a thing or two about men’s fashion. You can create a blog revolving around this topic or perhaps even do reviews on various men’s clothing on sale on Kilimall.

Thereafter you can recommend specific clothing and make your commission on sales made through your referrals. This can be done with just about anything including electronic home appliances, kitchen appliances, kids’ toys, mobile accessories etc. Hopefully, you get the idea.


Joining the Program

1. First we need to sign up for the Kilimall Affiliates Program.

2. Once you’ve created your account and verified your account using the link sent to your email, you’ll be redirected to your dashboard.

3. On the first page of the dashboard, you’ll see your General Affiliate Link, a brief report of your commissions and news relating to the program.

The reports will have zero stats for now until you create your first promotion and give it time to accumulate some data.

Creating Your First Promotion

1. To get started, click on the Promotion link that is on left menu in the page.


2. You can create various types of promotions:

A. General Affiliate Link

This is the link that is displayed at the top of the dashboard. You use this link to refer your audience to Kilimall’s Homepage. Should they make any purchase while on Kilimall using this link, you’ll get a commission based on whatever product they’ll buy.

When using this link, make sure you use the link corresponding to the country your target audience is in (Kenya, Uganda or Nigeria).

general affiliate link
Your General Affiliate Link

B. Banner Links

Banner Links display a graphic banner of a given product(s) much like the ads you may see on this blog. The banners come in a variety of sizes and are embedded with the products link along with your referral link.

When a user clicks this banner, they will be redirected to that products page on Kilimall and any successful sale will be tracked back to you using the referral link.


  • The banner links are predefined, that is, they point to specific products or categories. If you want to promote a specific product that is not listed in the banner categories, use the Deeplink Generator as explained further down below.

Creating Your First Banner

i. In the Banner Links page, you can go through all the available banners by scrolling down through page. This will list all banner sizes in all categories such as phones, home appliances, women’s fashion, men’s fashion, make-up etc.

ii. If you don’t want to go through all the banners available, at the top select the category of the desired product and below it, select the size of the banner you wish to use.

banner categories
Filter Banner’s By Product Categories

iii. Once you’ve found the product you wish to promote, click on the Get Code button. Copy this code and paste it in the section of your blog/website where you’d wish to display the banner. It could be within the post content or on a widget/gadget; just make sure wherever you choose to place it, that there’s enough space to fit the entire banner size.

banner code
Get the Banner Code

Deeplink Generator

This is used to promote a specific product as it’s not possible to have banners for all the products available on Kilimall. The deeplink generator will create a link for you using the link to the target product and your affiliate link.

You can then use this link to promote the product on your article or share it using your own media (images).

To generate the link, do the following:

i. Under promotions select Deeplink Generator

ii. Go to the Kilimall site and copy the link to the specific product you wish to promote.

product link
Copy Target Product’s Link

iii. Paste this link inside the Destination URL box then click in the Generate code button.

generate code
Generate Affiliate Link

iv. Copy the code and share it on your blog or website. You can also link it to an appropriate media. You CANNOT however use this link to share on social media sites as its length may be too long. To do that we need to shorten it as follows.

Shortening Affiliate Links

i. Under the Promotions, select URL Shortenor (sic).

ii. In the Website URL box, paste the affiliate link that has been generated from the previous section.

paste affiliate link
Paste Affiliate Link

iii. In the Campaign Source box enter Kilimall.

iv. Scroll to the bottom and click on the Convert URL to Short Link button.

shorten url
Shorten URL

v. Now just copy the shortened link and use it in your social media post. You can include a picture of the product to go along with the post.

shortened url
Use the Shortened URL on Social Media Sites


Once you’ve shared your banners and/or links you need to keep track of their performance. To do this click on the Reports link in the menu and check your stats. Clicks are the number of times your promotions have been clicked and impressions the number of times your banners have been viewed. Use these reports to adjust your campaigns appropriately.

For instance, you can find out which product category resonates more with your audience by comparing the click-through-rate (CTR) for different products. You can also experiment with different banner sizes and their placements on your website/blog.

Commissions and Payout

As I mentioned earlier, the commission rates vary across different product categories. The commission rates are a bit different across the three countries as well, with Nigeria having the least amount of product categories for affiliate marketing as of this writing. The rates are as follows:


The accumulated commissions of each previous month are paid out at the middle of the following month. The payment is done through either PayPal or check.


I think I’ve covered the very basics to get you started with Kilimall Affiliate Program, the ball is now in your court. If you have any problems, try reading or watching the help material available on your affiliate dashboard. You can also get help from the Kilimall Affiliate Telegram Group or on their Facebook Page.

Sign Up for the Kilimall Affiliate Program.

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