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How to Check the Validity and Status of a KRA PIN

A Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) PIN identifies one as a taxpayer. Once a person applies and is approved for one, they’re are obliged to fulfil their tax obligations as prescribed by law. This includes but not limited to payment of taxes and filing of tax returns.

Unemployed persons such students who are in possession of a PIN (e.g. due to loan or job applications) but have no taxable income are likewise required to file nil tax returns.

Depending on the context, it may be necessary to verify the authenticity of a KRA PIN that a person may provide. This establishes that a PIN is genuine and whether it’s status is active. It could also go a long way in preventing cases of fraud and corruption.

Fortunately, employers, creditors or any other concerned entity that may wish to verify that a KRA PIN is genuine can do it on the KRA’s iTax site. This can also be useful for persons wishing to verify their basic details when they cannot log into their iTax dashboard after forgetting their KRA Password.

Verify a KRA PIN

To check the validity of any KRA PIN do the following:

1. Go to the iTax site (you don’t have to log in).

2. Below the PIN Checker open the Click Here link.

pin checker
PIN Checker

3. In the PIN checker page enter the KRA PIN to check then complete the security stamp challenge.

Enter PIN to Check (click-to-enlarge)

4. Finally click the Consult button to complete the request.

pin checker information
Pin Checker Results (click-to-enlarge)

As shown above, the checker will output the basic details of the taxpayer including their:

  • Names
  • PIN Status
  • iTax Status
  • Address Details
  • Tax Obligation Details

This way one can establish whether the information provided by an indvidual or their credentials (such as their National ID) matches with those that PIN Checker outputs.

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