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How to Check Safaricom Data Bundle Balance

Safaricom offers a wide range of data bundles that differ by bundle size, validity periods (daily, weekly or monthly) and the method used for payment (Airtime/M-Pesa, Bonga or Okoa Data). One may also receive data from another Safaricom user through the data transfer service Sambaza Internet.

All these data bundles are typically bought by dialling *544# or through mySafaricom App and other Safaricom Short Codes. After purchasing a bundle however, it becomes necessary to check the data balance to ensure one stays within their plan or budget.

More importantly also is to avoid having the data charged from airtime once the bundle is exhausted though this can be prevented by activating Safaricom’s My Data Manager.

Let’s take a look at a couple ways through we can query our data bundle balances for both Prepay and Postpaid Safaricom customers as well as those Roaming.

You can check your data bundle balance three different ways:

  • Using USSD
  • Using SMS
  • Using mySafaricom App

Option 1: Check Data Balance using USSD

1. Dial *544# and select Check balance from the menu.

2. You bundle balance will shortly then be delivered through an SMS.

Alternative Method:

1. Dial *100# and select My Account.

2. Select Check my Usage and Balance followed by Balance.

Checking Data Balance When Roaming

Safaricom customers that are roaming can check their data roaming bundle balance by dialling 100*50# or *200*50#.

Option 2: Check Data Balance using SMS

This method is mostly tailored for those checking their Easy Data Bundle balances for the BIGBox or the Safaricom Digital TV and Internet Box. Nevertheless, prepaid users can also use it.

1. Create a new SMS with the message Bal and send it to 144.

2. You should then receive an SMS with the bundle balance.

balances in sms
Account Balances in an SMS

On mobile you will first get a USSD message with all your balances including those for data, SMS, bonga points and any redeemed bonga points items. You can then opt to save this notification in your SMS inbox.

Option 3: Check Data Balance using mySafaricom App

mySafaricom app is only available for users on Android, Windows Phone and iOS. This assumes you’ve the app installed and have already completed the first time set up.

1. In mySafaricom app’s start page tap the Check Balance option. This will list your data balance in addition to showing your airtime, minutes and SMS balances.

my safaricom app data balance
Data Balance on My Safaricom App

2. To query the Data balance only, still on the start page tap on My Account option then select the Data item. This will show all your active data subscriptions and their balances.

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