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How to Check Your Airtel Kenya Data Balance

Airtel Kenya has arguably one of the most affordable data rates in Kenya. On Airtel one typically buys data bundles through the short code *544# where various data plans are available for purchase.

This includes the likes of Amazing Data plans or UnlimiNet which includes data, voice and SMS in one plan. Amazing Data offers one off bundles or subscription based data bundles that auto-renew after a given validity period (daily, 7 days, 30 days or 90 days).

There’s also the Unliminet Modem plan which comes with data only but is “unlimited” in that once the allocated data is exhausted the speed is throttled down to 256Kbps until the validity period ends.

Checking Data Balance

To check balance for all the above plans, just dial *544*3# on your Airtel line. You can also go the long route by dialling *544#, then go to the next page in the USSD menu to check the data balance.

You should get an SMS with your data balance after a couple of seconds or minutes. In some cases it may take longer.

Checking Data Balance for Redeemed Bundles

Have you already enrolled to Airtel’s Loyalty program Zawadi Points? Just as it is with Safaricom’s Bonga Points and Telkom’s Ziada Points, Zawadi points allows you to redeem your points from among other things data bundles.

If you happen to redeem this data bundles, you can check your balance also by dialling *544*3#.

Checking Bonus Data Balance

Beginning this year, Airtel has been running a data bonus offer for some of their Amazing Data bundles. For instance, if you buy the 150MB data bundle for 7 days at Ksh.50 they may give you a bonus of 150MB valid for the same period. Buy the 2GB bundle valid for 7 days for Ksh.250 and they give you a bonus of 500MB valid for the same period.

data offers
Airtel Data Bonus Offers

To check the balance for this bonus data, dial *131*154#. You’ll however have to get an SMS from AirtelData whenever such an offer is available.

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