How to Change Your KRA iTax Email Address

KRA’s iTax portal provides a convenient way to manage all your tax obligations as a Kenyan taxpayer. This includes everything from applying for your KRA PIN, filing your annual tax returns including nil returns to applying for your tax compliance certificate.

As you can tell, some of these services require an email address to work. Situations may however arise where you’d wish to change this email address.

Perhaps you forgot the email address you registered with, you used somebody’s else address or maybe you signed up with a work email for a company you no longer work for.

Whatever the situation is, the good news is that you can update this email address and carry on accessing your iTax services as you had before. You can change in one of two ways as follows:

  1. By contacting KRA Care for assistance.
  2. By amending your iTax PIN details if you still have access to the registered email address.

Option 1: Contact KRA Care to Change the Email Address

If you’ve forgotten the email address you registered or cannot access it, contact KRA care on [email protected] requesting them of your wish to change the email address.

Make sure to attach a coloured scanned copy of your original ID, your KRA PIN and a valid email address that you want to be registered.


Option 2: Amend PIN Details to Change Email Address

If you still have access to your email address and can log in into iTax, you can simply amend your PIN details to update the registered email address.

However, as it’s mentioned in the iTax FAQ, this change requires approval by a KRA officer to take effect:

Change of email address can be initiated by the taxpayer. On the taxpayers profile under registration, the taxpayer is allowed to amend PIN details. Once the process is initiated by the taxpayer, a task is created for approval by a KRA officer.

Source: KRA iTax FAQ

Once the change is approved you’ll get a confirmation email from KRA.

To amend you email do the following:



  1. Go the KRA iTax portal and enter your PIN to continue.
enter pin
Enter PIN

2. Next enter your password and answer the security stamp to login.

3. Before you can access the services in the iTax dashboard, you may be required to verify your email address first. If this happens, a pop-up window will prompt you to send an OTP (one-time password) to your email address.

Send the verification code and check your email address (the code expires in 15min so watch your time).

verify email
Verify Email

Enter this code in the pop window and click the Submit button.

4. Now just go to the menu and under the Registration item click the Amend PIN Details option.

amend pin details
Amend PIN Details

5. Doing that will open the e-Amendment of Registration form. The Applicant Type, PIN and Name fields will be automatically filled. In the Mode of Amendment select Online Form.

6. The Amendment form will be opened after this. Inside it, put a checkmark on the PIN option to view the sections to be amended.

amendment type
Amendment Type

7. That will open a list with all amendable sections. Put a checkmark on the Basic information option.

basic info
Amending Basic Information


  • Amending some details requires approval from a KRA officer while others are automatically approved. The email address is inside the Principal Contact details and therefore will require approval.

8. Now at the top switch to the A_Basic_information tab. Scroll down and go to the Principal Contact details and enter your new email address.

update email
Update Email Address

9. When you’re done, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Submit button.

10. You’ll get a prompt alerting you that you’ve registered the new email address as your primary email address in iTax. Click the OK button to confirm.

11. You’ll then get a message that the amendment request has been completed successfully.

Amendment Successful

Now just be patient as you wait for the request to be approved by a KRA officer. The approval will be communicated through your email address as follows:

approval email
Approval Email

Download the attached PIN certificate (PDF) which will have your PIN details including the updated email address.


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