Buy Discounted Airtime and Bundles using Teleshop Kenya

Teleshop Kenya is a new entrant in the mobile payment segment that focuses on airtime and other mobile product purchases like bundles and SMS. It works much like Mula, another mobile payment service that caters for bill payments in addition to airtime purchases for all the major networks in Kenya.

However, the similarities end there as Teleshop exclusively deals with discounted airtimes rather than just facilitating a means of topping up using M-PESA.

This is great as you not only get to buy airtime at a discounted rate but also get to top up your Airtel and Telkom numbers using your M-PESA account.

On top of this you don’t incur any transactional charges that are normally charged when you buy airtime for other networks using paybill numbers.

Discounted Offers that are Available

discounted airtime
Discounted Safaricom Airtime

The availability of discounted items you can buy will vary depending on the network. Currently Safaricom has more discounted items compared to the other networks.

The discounts range between 14-15% and up to 17% off the original price. Some of the discounted items available for purchase include:

1. Safaricom

  • Airtime 
  • Normal Data Bundles
  • Safaricom Giga Bundles
  • Flex Bundles
  • SMS Bundles
  • Safaricom All-In-One Bundles (Data Bundle + Minutes)

2. Airtel

  • Normal Data Bundles
  • UnlimiNet Bundles

3. Telekom

  • Airtime

New customers get a Ksh5 Safaricom Airtime at Ksh1 (80% off) as a welcome gift and daily offer. This is a good way to test the service if you’ve doubts about using it.

How to Buy Discounted Airtime and Bundles using Teleshop Kenya

1. Visit the Teleshop Kenya Site on your mobile or desktop browser.

2. In the homepage you’ll find some discounted offers listed.

If you need network specific offers, open the corresponding shop in the menu. On mobile you’ll have to click the Menu button to reveal the options.

3. Next, click to open an offer you’d want to purchase e.g. Safaricom 100 Airtime for Ksh85

4. In the offer page, open the CLICK HERE TO BUY button to proceed.


5. After doing this, the item will automatically be added to your cart. At the bottom of this page, click the Proceed to checkout button.


6. In the next page enter your billing details which includes:

  • Your names and email address
  • The M-PESA number you want to complete the transnational with
  • The number you want to be loaded with the airtime or bundle (could be a different number or the same number you’re buying with)
  • A note about the transaction (this is optional)

7. After you’ve entered the above details, choose your payment method. Currently there are two:

  • Pay for your order online – pays using your M-PESA account
  • My Wallet
place order

Choose the first option and click the Place Order button.

8. You’ll be given instructions on how to complete the transaction in this page. To do that:

i. Go to your M-PESA menu > Lipa na M-PESA > Buy Goods and Services
ii. Enter the till number 846498
iii. Enter the amount in your cart
iv. Enter your PINto complete the transaction

9. You’ll then receive the normal M-PESA SMS confirming the amount has been paid to Bizpoint Kenya.

m-pesa confirmation sms

You should shortly afterwards receive an SMS confirming the package you ordered.

teleshop sms

Give Teleshop between 2-5 minutes to process and fulfil your order. If the SMS takes longer than this, first confirm by checking your airtime or bundle balance.

If still it hasn’t arrived, you can get help by contacting Teleshop by calling 0702953838 or via their contact page.

Manage your Teleshop Account

The details entered during the checkout (name & email) will be used to set up your account which you can access by going to the Client Area in the menu.

You can complete setting this account by:

  • creating a password,
  • setting up billing address defaults to use when checking out i.e M-PESA number to buy with,  phone to up etc
  • check your order history
  • delete Account

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