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Safaricom vs Airtel vs Telkom All-in-One Monthly Bundles

Safaricom has just released its new all in one monthly bundles. These types of bundles are however not new to the market.

Airtel all in one-monthly bundles have been offered for years now in their UnlimiNet plans while Telkom introduced these plans last year.

The all in one monthly bundles include data, minutes and in some cases SMS in one convenient plan. This way no extra costs are incurred other than those from premium services and mobile money transactions.

These bundles are therefore quite economical and ideal for those that need to keep within a fixed budget every month. With that said, the plans vary amongst the operators in terms of their offerings and pricing.

To know which plan best works for you or one that offers the best value for your money, here’s how the bundles compare across the three operators.

Bundles Comparison

Ksh.400 1GB +
100 Min
Ksh.5002GB0.5GB +
100 Min +
3GB + 100 Min
333 Min
Ksh.10001GB + 400 Min6GB (+1GB) +
400 Min +
2000 SMS
7GB + 300 Min
2GB + 200 Min 10GB
Ksh.20003GB + 1000 Min12GB (+3GB) +
1200 Min +
1000 SMS
12GB + 600 Min 
Ksh.30005GB + 1500 Min 40GB
20GB + 900 Min 
Ksh.500035GB + 1500 Min  
10GB + 2500 Min 
Ksh.1000050GB + 3500 Min  
20GB + 7500 Min 


  • Additional data offer for Airtel bundles is valid until 28th March 2019.
  • Safaricom and Telkom minutes can be used across all networks.
  • Airtel minutes can likewise be used across all networks with the exception of the Ksh500 bundle whose minutes are split equally for on-net and off-net (i.e 50 min on-net and 50 min off-net).
  • The Airtel Ksh400 bundle minutes are off-net but includes 100 mins every day for Airtel to Airtel calls.
  • Telkom bundles includes free Night Data from 12.00am to 6am.
  • Safaricom data bundles include free WhatsApp once the data is exhausted.
  • Airtel bundles include free WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter of up to 100MB daily once the data is exhausted.
  • All plans can be purchased by dialling *544#.
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