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Airtel Kenya’s USSD Short Codes

Airtel Kenya is the second-largest mobile network in Kenya in terms of its subscriber base. It trails behind the market leader Safaricom, but edges out Telkom and Jamii Telecom’s Faiba 4G.

Despite Safaricom enjoying what many may consider a monopoly, Airtel has stood ground over the years despite registering no profits. As testament to this fact, they’ve been launching new products and services, all the while giving a fresh coat of paint on others.

As it’s to be expected, such changes bring with them new things, such as USSD codes: the preferred medium through which networks allow subscribers to access their products and services.

Today we’ll be looking at a comprehensive list of these Airtel Kenya Short codes.

Airtel Short Codes

ServiceUSSD CODEFunction
Main Menu *100#Main Menu to access all services and manage your account.
SIM Registration*106#Check SIM Registration status and numbers registered on ID.
Airtel Money*222#Access Airtel’s mobile money services.
Airtime Balance*133 or *131#Check your airtime balance.
Credit Top Up*130*CODE#Top up your airtime from a scratch card voucher.
Data Top Up*544*CODE#Top up data directly from a scratch card voucher.
Buy Data *544# or
Buy or subscribe to various data bundles.
Data Balance*544*3#Check your Airtel data bundle balance. More info here.
Internet SettingsSend ALL to 232Get Airtel internet settings (APN).
SMS Bundles*767# or *544#Buy Bulk SMS. More info on Airtel’s SMS Bundles.
Tubonge*544#Subscribe to the Tubonge call plan.
UnlimiNet *544#Subscribe to UnlimiNet (voice, data & sms plan).
Tosha Bundles*767#Subscribe to Tosha Bundles (voice, data & sms plan).
Club 10*120#KES.10 plan for Free Airtel to Airtel Calls (10PM-10AM) & Unlimited SMS.
Roaming Bundles*544#Roaming Plans.
International Bundles*544#Voice Bundles for making international calls (China, US & Canada).
Kopa Credo *310#To get advance airtime (okoa jahazi), data or unliminet plan.
Hello Tunes*355#Subscribe or unsubscribe to Airtel’s ring back tone service (similar to Skiza Tunes).
Zawadi Points*326#Airtel’s loyalty program for accumulating and redeeming points. Find out more on how to enroll and redeem Zawadi points.
Redeemed Airtime Balance131*8#To check your redeemed Zawadi points’ airtime balance.
Alerts and Classifieds*411#Premium service to get news, sports, jobs etc.
Customer CareCall 100Get help on your account and talk to a customer care agent
VoicemailCall 555 or 123Listen to voicemails. How to activate voicemail on Airtel?
Please Call Me  Request someone to call you back. Find out how here?
Missed Call Alerts Get SMS alerts about missed calls (“I tried calling you”). Detailed info on how to here.

Last updated: July 2022
Other Networks’ Shortcodes: Safaricom | Telkom

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