Airtel Kenya Mobile Number Prefixes

Airtel is the second largest mobile network operator in terms of subscriber base in Kenya. Airtel trails behind Safaricom and is closely followed behind by Telkom Kenya. Airtel has been experiencing growth over the years and their subscriber base currently stands around 7 million.

This however could also be attributed to the exit of YU Mobile from the market which resulted with Airtel acquiring their subscribers. Nevertheless, since their entry into the market Airtel has struggled to make profit from their venture.

Let’s take a look at all their mobile prefixes, from old to new ones.


Airtel Kenya Prefixes

PrefixLocal Mobile NumberInternational Mobile Number
7300730 XXXXXX+254730 XXXXXX
7310731 XXXXXX+254731 XXXXXX
7320732 XXXXXX+254732 XXXXXX
7330733 XXXXXX+254733 XXXXXX
7340734 XXXXXX+254734 XXXXXX
7350735 XXXXXX+254735 XXXXXX
7360736 XXXXXX+254736 XXXXXX
7370737 XXXXXX+254737 XXXXXX
7380738 XXXXXX+254738 XXXXXX
7390739 XXXXXX+254739 XXXXXX
7500750 XXXXXX+254750 XXXXXX
7510751 XXXXXX+254751 XXXXXX
7520752 XXXXXX+254752 XXXXXX
7530753 XXXXXX+254753 XXXXXX
7540754 XXXXXX+254754 XXXXXX
7550755 XXXXXX+254755 XXXXXX
7560756 XXXXXX+254756 XXXXXX
7800780 XXXXXX+254780 XXXXXX
7810781 XXXXXX+254781 XXXXXX
7820782 XXXXXX+254782 XXXXXX
7850785 XXXXXX+254785 XXXXXX
7860786 XXXXXX+254786 XXXXXX
7870787 XXXXXX+254787 XXXXXX
7880788 XXXXXX+254788 XXXXXX
7890789 XXXXXX+254789 XXXXXX


  • Some of the 075X prefixes originally belonged to Yu Mobile that exited the market early 2015.

New 01XX Prefixes for Airtel Kenya

PrefixLocal Mobile NumberInternational Mobile Number
1000100 XXXXXX+254100 XXXXXX
1010101 XXXXXX+254101 XXXXXX
1020102 XXXXXX+254102 XXXXXX

Last updated: July 2019
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Source: International Telecommunications Union (

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