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Airtel Kenya International Calling Rates

Airtel Kenya subscribers can make international calls to different countries in the world while in Kenya. It is important however that ones dials an international call properly to ensure it is successful.

As its with other mobile networks, Airtel’s calling rates vary depending on the destination country, however this is not to mean the closer a country is to Kenya the cheaper the rate is.

Case in point, you’ll be surprised to find out that it is actually cheaper to call far away countries such as China and US than it is to call our next door neighbours.

Airtel Kenya Prepaid International Calling Bundles

Outside the normal tariffs, Airtel Kenya runs a prepaid international calling bundle with bulk minutes that can be used to call the following countries:

  • United States of America (USA)
  • Canada
  • China
  • India

The normal calling rates for the above countries without the bundle is KSh 5.00 per minute.

The international bundles can be purchased by dialling *544# or *767# then selecting International bundles. The available bundles are as follows:

MinutesPrice (Ksh)Validity (Days)
Airtel Prepaid International Calling Bundles

To check balance for the international calling bundle dial *544# or *767#, select International bundles then Check Balance.

Airtel Calling and SMS Rates for Specific Countries

Below are the calling rates for most countries categorized under regions.

These calling rates tariffs are however updated regularly, and so we cannot guarantee the accuracy of all the rates provided below.

To check the latest calling and SMS rates, check Airtel’s website here and select a specific country to view its rates.

1. East Africa Calling & SMS Rates

CountryKsh per MinuteSMS Rate (Ksh)
South Sudan1010
Airtel’s East Africa Calling Rates (updated Sep. 2021)

2. Rest of Africa

CountryKsh per Minute
Algeria (Fixed)90
Angola (Fixed)30
Benin (Fixed)30
Botswana (Fixed)30
Burkina Faso (Fixed)40
Cameroon (Fixed)30
Central African Republic (Fixed)90
Chad (Fixed)90
Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) (Fixed)40
Djibouti (Fixed)50
Ethiopia (Fixed)30
Egypt (Fixed & Mobile)30
Gambia (Fixed)90
Gabon (Fixed)90
Ghana (Fixed)30
Guinea (Mobile – CELCOM)50
Guinea-Bissau (Fixed)90
Ivory Coast (Fixed)40
Lesotho (Fixed)50
Liberia (Fixed)50
Libya (Fixed)30
Madagascar (Fixed)90
Malawi (Fixed)50
Mali (Fixed)40
Mauritius (Fixed)30
Mauritania (Fixed)50
Mayotte (Fixed)40
Mozambique (Fixed)30
Namibia (Fixed)30
Nigeria (Fixed & Mobile)30
Niger (Fixed)30
Republic of the Congo (Fixed)40
Senegal (Fixed)40
Sierra Leone (Fixed)50
South Africa (Fixed & Mobile)18
Sudan (Fixed)50
Togo (Fixed)30
Tunisia (Fixed)90
Zambia (Fixed)40
Zimbabwe (Fixed)50

3. Europe

CountryKsh per Minute
Austria (Corporate Numbering)40
Azerbaijan (Fixed)50
Belgium (Fixed)40
Bulgaria (Mobile – BTC)50
Croatia (Fixed)40
Czech Republic (Fixed)40
Denmark (Fixed)40
Finland (Fixed)40
France (Fixed)40
Germany (Fixed)40
Greece (Fixed)40
Hungary (Fixed)40
Iceland (Fixed)40
Ireland (Fixed)40
Italy (Fixed)40
Netherlands (Fixed)40
Norway (Fixed)40
Poland (Fixed)40
Portugal (Fixed – Marconi Zone 1)90
Romania (Fixed)40
Russia (Abkhazia)40
Serbia (Fixed – Belgrade)40
Serbia (Fixed)50
Slovakia (Fixed)40
Slovenia (Fixed)40
Spain (Fixed)40
Sweden (Fixed)40
Switzerland (Fixed)40
Turkey (Fixed)40
Ukraine (Fixed)40
United Kingdom (UK) (Fixed)5
United Kingdom (UK) (Mobile)18

4. North America

CountryKsh per Minute
Barbados (Fixed)40
Belize (Fixed)40
Canada (Fixed)5
Costa Rica (Fixed)40
Cuba (Fixed)90
Dominican Republic (Fixed)40
El Salvador (Fixed)40
Greenland (Fixed)90
Guatemala (Fixed)40
Haiti (Fixed)40
Honduras (Fixed)40
Jamaica (Fixed)40
Nicaragua (Fixed)40
Panama (Fixed)40
Trinidad and Tobago (Fixed)40
United States of America (USA)5

5. South America

CountryKsh per Minute
Argentina (Fixed)40
Bolivia (Fixed)40
Brazil (Fixed)40
Chile (Fixed)40
Columbia (Fixed)40
Ecuador (Fixed)40
Guyana (Fixed)40
Paraguay (Fixed)40
Peru (Fixed)40
Suriname (Fixed)40
Uruguay (Fixed)40
Venezuela (Fixed)40

6. Middle East

CountryKsh per Minute
Bahrain (Fixed)40
Cyprus (Fixed)40
Iran (Fixed)40
Iraq (Fixed)40
Israel (Fixed)40
Jordan (Fixed)40
Kuwait (Fixed)40
Lebanon (Fixed)40
Palestine (Fixed)40
Qatar (Fixed)40
Saudi Arabia (Fixed)40
Syria (Fixed)40
United Arab Emirates (UAE) (Fixed)30
Yemen (Fixed)40

7. Asia Pacific

CountryKsh per Minute
Australia (Fixed)40
Bangladesh (Fixed & Mobile)40
Cambodia (Fixed)40
China (Fixed)5
Fiji (Fixed)40
Hong Kong (Fixed)40
India (Fixed)5
Indonesia (Fixed)40
Japan (Fixed)40
Malaysia (Fixed)40
Mongolia (Fixed)40
Myanmar (Fixed)40
Nepal (Fixed)40
New Zealand (Fixed)40
North Korea50
Pakistan (Fixed)40
Philippines (Fixed)40
Singapore (Fixed)40
South Korea (Fixed)40
Sri Lanka (Fixed)40
Taiwan (Fixed)40
Thailand (Fixed)40

8. Central Asia

CountryKsh per Minute
Kazakhstan (Fixed)40
Kyrgyzstan (Fixed)40
Tajikistan (Fixed)40
Turkmenistan (Fixed)40
Uzbekistan (Fixed)40
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