Advertise is dedicated to creating quality content with a focus on user experience. With thousands of unique Kenyan visitors every month, we’re providing an opportunity to interested parties to partner with us in advertising.

An overview of our site metrics can be viewed in this infographic (you can request for more recent data or a specific metric that’s not included).

We offer customized advertisement packages that suit different campaigns and budgets. These includes banner ads and sponsored posts.

1. Banner Advertisements

We can run various text and display ad sizes that can target either mobile or desktop traffic or both. We accept ad campaigns for various categories with the exception of a few sensitive categories such as gambling and drugs or supplements.

Available banner sizes and positions include:


Above the Fold
1. 320×50 – Below site header
2. 300×250 – Below post title

Below the Fold
1. 300×250 – Below post content
2. 320×100 – Below post content
3. 300×250 – Below comments


Above the Fold
1. 728×90 – Below navigation menu
2. 300×250 – Top sidebar

Below the Fold
1. 300×600 – Sidebar (with sticky* option)
2. 160×60 – Sideabar (with sticky option)
3. 300×250 – On the right side inside the footer

Custom sizes are also possible. Banners can be designed for you on request.

*Sticky – in this format the banner remains in view as the user scrolls down the page.

2. Sponsored Posts

We are open to accepting sponsored posts provided they meet the following requirements:

  • unique content that has not been posted in other sites
  • the post’s subject matter aligns with the content we normally post on our site and/or will be of value to our readers
  • a disclosure that the post is sponsored including the inclusion of a preferred by-line (authorship)
  • links leading to the promoted product or service will be no-follow as per Google policies
  • links leading to the author’s blog or bio/profile can be do-follow (maximum 2)

If you’re interested in partnering with us or need more information, kindly contact us by leaving us a message in our contact page.