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How to Activate or Deactivate Telkom Kenya Voicemail

Telkom Kenya’s voicemail service allows your callers to leave you voice messages in the event you’re unreachable. Their voicemail has the following features:

  • Callers are charged at the rate of Ksh.2 per minute when they leave you a voicemail.
  • If any voicemails are left, you’ll be alerted through an SMS from VoiceMail to retrieve the message.
  • Voicemails can be listened to and managed by calling 123.
  • You can set up a personalized greeting that your callers hear before leaving the voicemail.
  • Voicemails can be accessed from another number using your voicemail PIN.
  • It includes the missed call alert that sends you an SMS telling you of people that tried calling you when you were unreachable.

The voicemail feature is automatically activated by default to all their subscribers. So the only thing you may want to do is either set up the voicemail with your preferences or to deactivate it.

Setting Up Telkom Kenya’s Voicemail

telkom kenya voicemail
Telkom Voicemail

To set up voicemail do the following:

1. Call 123.

2. If it’s your first time you’ll be guided through setting up your voicemail language and a personalized greeting. You can however opt to use the Standard greeting from Telkom.

3. Your voicemail PIN will then be generated and sent via SMS.

4. If you have any new voicemails they will be played for you. After this initial set up, this is where you’ll be beginning when you dial 123.

Once a voicemail is played you’ll be getting the option to replay, save or delete the voicemail, to listen to the next voicemail and to return the call if you wish. If you don’t choose any option, the voicemail is saved by default and you’re taken to the main menu. This main menu gives you options to:

  • Listen to your voicemails
  • Set up your greeting
  • Settings & Features
  • Help

Deactivating Telkom Kenya’s Voicemail

When you deactivate voicemail, your messages will be deleted as well as any greetings that you had set up. To deactivate voicemail, do the following:

1. Call 123

2. Wait until you’re read the main menu options.

3. Dial 3 on your keypad for the third option: Settings and Features.

4. Here you’ll be read three options:

  • PIN options
  • Change language of your voicemail 
  • Cancel your voicemail service

Dial 3 on your keypad to select the last option Cancel voicemail service.

5. You’ll then be asked to confirm the deactivation by dialling 1 or * to keep it active. Dial 1 to deactivate.


On my SIM it seems this deactivating doesn’t actually disable voicemail instead it merely resets it to it’s unconfigured state. I can only assume that this is the case for everyone. I emailed them regarding this issue and got the response that they had deactivated it on their end only to later find out it was the same reset I had done.

Turning off the call diverts/forwarding numbers responsible for this voicemail feature is also disabled by Telkom. The call diverts can however be set to other numbers, including those of other local networks.

divert settings
Telkom Kenya Call Divert Settings

Reactivating Voicemail

To reactivate voicemail anytime just call 123 and go through the set up instructions afresh.

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