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How to Activate Safaricom’s You Attempted to Call Me

The Caller Notify is a service by a Safaricom that sends an SMS alert to a caller informing them of the person they had tried calling can now be reached. You might know the service by the message:

“You attempted to call me but I was not available. Please call me. Thank you.”

You attempted to call me sms
Example of a Caller Notify SMS Alert

This service is similar to the missed call alert which does the reverse of this by sending the SMS alert to the unreachable person telling them you tried calling them with the message:

“I tried to call at you at [time] on [date]. Please call back.”

When you activate the caller notify service it will also enable the missed call alert service.

Activating the Caller Notify Service

  1. Go to your phone and dial *62*0722188188#.
  2. You should then get a USSD message that call forwarding was successful.

You can also activate the service by accessing the call forwarding options in your phone settings and setting 0722188188 as the number to forward calls to when unreachable.

Call forwarding settings in Android
Call forwarding settings in an Android phone

On Android’s default phone app you can access the above settings by navigating to: Calling Accounts > Safaricom line > GSM call settings > Voice > Call Forwarding

Deactivating the Service

  1. Go to your phone and dial ##62#.
  2. You should then get a USSD message that call forwarding was deactivated.

Likewise, you can also disable the service by removing the 0722188188 number from the unreachable call forwarding option in your phone settings.

Voicemail Divert

It should be noted that activating this service also sets up a voicemail divert when you’re Unreachable.

This means your callers will get the option to leave you a voicemail message when they call and find you’re unreachable.You can then retrieve your voicemails by calling 132 or 111.

You can read here for more on Safaricom’s voicemail diverts and the codes to activate them.

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