How to Activate Safaricom’s You Attempted to Call Me


The Caller Notify is a service by a Safaricom that sends an SMS alert to a caller informing them of the person they had tried calling can now be reached. You might know the service by the message: “You attempted to call me but I was not available. Please call me. Thank you.”

This service is similar to the missed call alert which does the reverse of this by sending the SMS alert to the unreachable person telling them you tried calling them. Unlike the missed call alert service, with this you don’t have to activate voicemail or any call diverts/forwarding. This service is instead activated by default but you can choose to deactivate or activate it as you wish.


Activating the Caller Notify Service

Update: Safaricom has since updated their USSD menu and this service seems to be no longer available for activation or management.

1. Go to your phone and dial *100# and reply with 3 for Products and Services.

2. Reply with 98 to go to the next page then reply with 13 for Caller Notify.

caller notify
Caller Notify

3. Reply with 2 to either Activate or Deactivate the service.


Setting up the Caller Notify Service

you attempted to call me
Example of a Caller Notify SMS Alert

Safaricom includes a blacklist feature (a whitelist would have been nice too) which allows you to add numbers that shouldn’t get the alert.

This is invaluable as there are specific persons you may wish to not get the alert for various reasons. For example, a stalker that’s harassing you or when you’re running late on your rent and the landlord is having none of it.


Managing the Blacklist

1. In the Caller Notifier menu reply with 1 for Manage Blacklist.

manage blacklist
Manage Blacklist

2. Reply with 1 to add a number to the blacklist, 2 to Remove a number or 3 to check numbers that are already in the blacklist.

add to blacklist
Add or Remove from Blacklist


  • You can only add Safaricom numbers to the blacklist. If you try adding a number from a different operator, you’ll get an Invalid choice error.
  •  You can access the Caller Notify service directly by dialling *100*3*13#
    however this may take you to a different service should Safaricom
    update their menu in the future.
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