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How to Activate Call Barring on Airtel or Telkom

Airtel and Telkom Kenya do not provide call barring activation codes like Safaricom. Instead, they advise their subscribers to activate the call barring via the call settings provided in their handsets.

Most mobile devices from feature phones to smartphones running Android include call barring settings, though it could be under a different name such as call blocking or call filter.

The call barring settings on Android phones are usually located either in the Phone app  or in the Settings. This is the default phone app that your phone came with and not any other dialler app that you may have installed from Google Playstore.

To enable call barring for these two networks, follow the instructions below for Android phones.

Enable Call Barring through the Phone App or System Settings

To locate the call barring settings in the Phone app, do the following:

  1. Open the Phone app and on the top right of the screen tap on the three vertical dots and select Settings or tap on the menu button and select Settings.
    A screenshot showing the call settings menu in the Phone app of Android 8 (oreo)
  2. Next navigate to one of the following locations depending on your phone:
    • Calling accounts > Select SIM Card > GSM call settings > Call barring
    • Call > More settings > Call Barring
    • Call > Additional Settings > Call Barring > Voice call
    • More Settings > Call Barring > Select SIM Card

If your smartphone doesn’t have the above settings, you can try looking in the System settings. To do that, go to the Settings app, then navigate to one of the following locations depending on your device:

  • Call > Call Barring Settings
  • Call > Operator’s Call Related Settings > Call Barring / Restriction
  • Call Settings > Additional Settings > Call barring settings

Configure Call Barring Settings

Once you’re in the Call Barring settings, you’ll see options to turn on or off the barring settings for incoming or outgoing calls.

A screenshot showing the call barring settings in the Android phone app.

From these two options, you can block calls in the following categories:

  • All Outgoing Calls
  • All Outgoing International Calls
  • All Outgoing International Roaming Calls
  • All Incoming Calls
  • All Incoming Roaming Calls
A screenshot showing call barring choices for incoming and outgoing calls

When prompted for a password, enter 0000. That’s usually the default password, assuming it hasn’t been changed before. If it rejects that one, try 1234.

If you want to disable the call barring, in the same menu you can deactivate (cancel) all or specific barring categories.


  • The call barring settings are linked to your line (SIM Card) via your mobile network operator and not your phone. Therefore, if you change phones, the call barring settings will be still be in effect until you disable them.
  • Dialling ##002# does NOT deactivate call barring, but instead clears all call forwarding (call divert) settings.
  • If you get an error message when activating or deactivating any of the call barring settings, please contact customer care for assistance.
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