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Hello there!

My names are Kelvin Kathia, and I’m the founder and individual behind most of the content appearing in this site.

This site started as an offshoot to my original tech blog which had overtime gotten interspersed with some uniquely Kenyan content. As a result, in the May of 2018 I launched in an effort to better serve my readers and streamline access to my content.

As the blog title alludes to, my goal is to provide my readers with information that can assist them solve problems or accomplish various tasks, all of which are uniquely Kenyan in nature. I accomplish this primarily through how-to articles that are simple to follow, well-researched and detailed with relevant images.

I recognize that facts are important for solutions to work and therefore this is something I endeavour to achieve when writing and before publishing any of my posts. It is my sincere hope that you’ll find something of value from the  content available in this site.

If you have any questions, suggestions or complaints regarding any of the content appearing on this blog, please feel free to leave me a message on our contact page.

Thank you for dropping by.