Toll Free Numbers in Kenya

Toll free numbers are phone numbers that don't incur one charges when called. Instead, the calling costs are charged to the recipient of the call that has been assigned the toll free number.

In the past most of the toll free numbers only comprised of short code emergency numbers and customer care lines from mobile network operators. This has however started changing in recent years with Kenyan businesses and various government bodies seeing the value in having toll free contacts.

This is because toll free numbers not only improve engagement with existing and potential customers but also makes it easier for people to access vital information and services timely and at no added cost.

How to Identify a Kenyan Toll Free Number?

toll free kenya prefix
Kenya's Toll Free Prefix

Businesses or organizations that have toll free numbers will often clearly state that a given number is toll free. This information is usually available in their contact pages or in their social media profiles.

With the exception of the few national emergency lines (e.g. 999) you can easily identify a Kenyan toll free number by confirming it begins with the prefix: 0800.

A full number will then be in the format: 0800 123 4567, where:
  • 123 - is the prefix of the toll service provider
  • 4567 - is the unique phone number

The international format (if calling outside Kenya) adds the +254 prefix just like normal mobile numbers, i.e: +254 800 123 4567

Kenyan Toll Free Service Providers

All the major mobile network operators in Kenya offer toll free services. The table below shows the toll free service providers along with their prefixes as assigned by the Communication Authority of Kenya (CAK).
Cloud One 0800 000 XXX More information
Telkom Kenya 0800 20X XXX - 0800 29X XXX More information
0800 629 XXX
0800 662 XXX
Airtel Kenya 0800 730 XXX More information
0800 731 XXX
0800 732 XXX
0800 733 XXX
0800 734 XXX
0800 750 XXX
Safaricom PLC 0800 720 XXX More information
0800 721 XXX
0800 722 XXX
0800 723 XXX
0800 724 XXX

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