Safaricom Home Fibre Contacts

Safaricom Home Fibre is currently rolling out in various towns in the country. You can confirm whether the service is available in your area by checking the active locations or you can request a confirmation via USSD and get called by Safaricom Home customer care.

On the other hand, you may also wish to contact them to manage your account if you're already connected to the service.

Contacting Safaricom Home

safaricom home contacts
Safaricom Home

You can contact the customer care through:

1. Calling

Option 1: If You're Already Connected

Call 400 with the Safaricom line that you pay with for the service.

Option 2: If Not Yet Connected

1. Dial *400# with your Safaricom line and from the menu reply with the option regarding your query.
Safaricom Home USSD

2. For example: To confirm whether your area is covered reply with 5.

3. You'll receive an SMS with the instructions to either dial *400*1# or check the coverage online. Choose the first option by dialling *400*1#.

4. Follow the prompts by replying with the location you wish to check for Safaricom Home's availability i.e. Town, Estate and Nearest Landmark (e.g. school, church).

5. You'll then get a USSD reply that you'll be contacted by a Safaricom Home representative within 24 hours.

6. After a few minutes (or more) you'll be called by an agent from the number 0722 000000.

2. Via Email

Send an email with your queries to [email protected]

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