Safaricom Short Codes (USSD Codes) List

Safaricom is the largest mobile network in Kenya. With it's staggering subscriber base it stands to reason that they likewise have a staggering lineup of products and services: from consumer level ones to those specifically tailored for businesses.

Most of these services and products are readily accessible from USSD codes, otherwise known as shortcodes. These codes are easy to remember and are compatible with virtually all types of mobile devices.

While most of these codes are common knowledge to long time subscribers, this may not be the case for new subscribers such as foreigners or those migrating from a competitor. Still, some codes are likely to go unnoticed or forgotten by longtime subscribers since Safaricom occassionally adds new codes while updating or retiring others.

In the tables below you'll find a list of  Safaricom USSD codes to help you access a particular service or manage your account.You may also want to checkout Airtel or Telkom Kenya's shortcodes.

General USSD Codes

safaricom short codes
Safaricom Shortcodes
ServiceUSSD CODEFunction
Prepaid Main Menu *100#Main Menu to access all services and manage your account for prepaid subscribers.
Postpaid Main Menu*200#Main Menu to access all services and manage your account for postpaid subscribers.
Blaze Tariff Menu*555#Enroll to blaze tariff and access its services and products. Blaze Review
Safaricom Services*456#Unified menu with access to all Safaricom products and services.
M-PESA Services*234#Access all M-PESA information such as statements, tariff query, agent/merchant services. How to get M-PESA Statements?
M-PESA Tuma Popote*234*1*8#Send money from M-pesa to Airtel Money or T-Kash users. M-Pesa, Airtel Money and T-Kash Rates?
Airtime Balance*144#Check your airtime balance.
Sambaza*100*1*4#Transfer your airtime to another Safaricom number
Credit Top Up*141*CODE#Top up your airtime from a scratch card voucher. How to top up different number indirectly?
Data Top Up*544*CODE#Top up data directly from a scratch card voucher.
Buy Data *544#Buy or subscribe to various data bundles.
Data Balance*450#Check your data bundle balance.
Internet Settings*445#Get internet settings (APN). You can also send a blank SMS to 445 to get the settings..
SMS Bundles*188#Buy SMS Bundles (Bulk SMS) and check your SMS balance.
Okoa Jahazi*131#Get advance airtime that you can pay later (10% interest deducted on advance airtime).
Okoa Jahazi Balance*144*4#Check your okoa jahazi airtime balance.
Skiza Tunes*811#Subscribe to the ring back tone service.
Bonga Points*126# or
Enrol to, redeem, transfer and check your bonga points balance - Safaricom’s loyalty program..
Please Call Me *130*NO..#Flashback - Request someone to call you back (max 5 flashbacks per day).
Sambaza*140*AMT*NO.#Transfer your airtime to another number (min: Ksh.5, max: Ksh.10,00; min. allowable balance after transfer: Ksh.20).
SIM Registration*232#Confirm SIM registration and update personal details (if already registered on M-PESA).
Stop Safaricom Promotion SMS*100*3*10#Unsubscribe from promotion SMS texts from Safaricom. More info here.
Stop Marketing SMS*100*5*5#Stop marketing/promotional SMS from specific companies or organizations. More info here.
Alerts and Classifieds*411#Subscribe to get updates on news, sports, jobs, horoscopes etc.How to stop premium services?
Safaricom Business Solutions*485#Access Safaricom Business solutions such as Website & Email services, Zidisha Plus and Fixed LTE/4G Internet.
Safaricom Home Fibre*400#Access and Manage Safaricom Home Fibre Services.
Customer CareCall 100Get help on your account and talk to a customer care agent.

Voicemail USSD Codes

VoicemailUSSD CODEFunction
Activate Voicemail*222#Activates all voicemail diverts.
Deactivate Voicemail##002#Deactivates all voicemail diverts.
Activate Voicemail 1**62*0722122#Activates voicemail when Unreachable.
Deactivate Voicemail 1##62#Deactivates voicemail when Unreachable.
Activate Voicemail 2**61*0722122#Activates voicemail when there is No Reply.
Deactivate Voicemail 2##61#Deactivates voicemail when there is No Reply.
Activate Voicemail 3**67*0722122# Activates voicemail when Busy (on another call).
Deactivate Voicemail 3##67#Deactivates voicemail when Busy (on another call).
Retrieve VoicemailsCall 111Listen to your voicemail messages. (Note: Default voicemail PIN is 1234).
Activate Missed Call Alert Service*62*0722199199#Get SMS alerts on missed calls when unreachable (I tried to call you at…. Please call me back) Note: This also activates Voicemail Type 1 (when unreachable). More info
Deactivate Missed Call Alert Service##62#Deactivates the missed call alert service along with voicemail when unreachable.

Call Barring USSD Codes

BarringUSSD CODEFunction
Bar All Bar All Outgoing Calls*33*0000# Blocks all outgoing calls.
Deactivate Bar All Bar All Outgoing calls#33*0000# Deactivates the blocking of all outgoing calls.
Bar All Incoming Calls*35*0000#Blocks all incoming calls.
Deactivate Bar All Incoming Calls#35*0000# Deactivates the blocking of all incoming calls.
Bar Incoming Calls When Roaming*351*0000# Blocks all incoming calls when roaming (outside the country).
Deactivate Bar Incoming Calls When Roaming#351*0000#Deactivates the blocking of all incoming calls when roaming.
Bar All Incoming Calls Except Home Calls (when Roaming)*332*0000#Blocks all incoming calls when roaming except those coming from your country.
Deactivate Bar All Incoming Calls Except Home Calls (when Roaming)#332*0000# Deactivates the blocking of all incoming except home calls when roaming.
Bar All International Calls*331*0000#Blocks all international calls.
Deactivate Bar All International Calls#331*0000#Deactivates the blocking of all international calls.
Bar All Outgoing SMS*33*0000*16#Blocks all outgoing SMS text messages.
Deactivate Bar All Outgoing SMS#33*0000*16# Deactivates the blocking of all outgoing SMS text messages.
Bar All Incoming SMS*35*0000*16# Blocks all incoming SMS text messages.
Deactivate Bar All Incoming SMS#35*0000*16#Deactivates the blocking of all incoming SMS text messages.
Deactivate All Barring#330*0000#Deactivates all types of barring that may have been activated.
Last updated: October 2018

This list is meant to be comprehensive but some codes may have been missed. Feel free to share any code that you think may have been left out in the comments and it'll be added into the table.

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