How to Activate End of Call Summary in Safaricom

An end of call summary is a notification that pop ups after you finish a call. It details the call duration and how much you've spent on that particular call. It's therefore an indispensable feature for anyone that wants to keep track of how much they spend on airtime.

As far as Kenyan mobile networks are concerned, Airtel has had this feature for the longest time now and if my memory serves me right Telkom too. Safaricom has been lagging behind in this regard however not anymore. The end of call notification is usually activated by default on these other networks but on Safaricom things are a little bit different.

For one, the feature as of now is only available to those on the Blaze Tariff. Therefore it means you've to become a Blazer to activate feature but as we know, this tariff is restricted to subscribers falling between the age bracket of 10 and 26. If you're older than that, then you're out of luck in up until that time Safaricom decides to roll out the feature to everyone else.

Secondly, it has to be activated manually as follows.

Activate the Service

end of call notification
End of Call Summary

1. Join the Blaze Tariff by dialling *555#. If you're already on the tariff, just dial *555#.

2. In the Blaze USSD Menu enter 98 for more.
blaze menu
Blaze USSD Menu

3. In the next menu enter 8 for End of Call Notification.
end of call notification
End of Call Notification

4. Enter 1 to Opt-in into the notification.
opt in

That's it. You'll now be receiving a call summary after you hang up.
end of call summary
Example of a End of Call Summary

To opt-out from the notification, go through the above steps then in the last menu choose Opt-out.

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