How to Transfer Airtel Kenya Zawadi Points

Did you know that similar to Bonga Points, you can actually transfer your Zawadi points to another number? This rather invaluable if you are in need of some extra points to redeem a service or device or just want to trade your points. By trading points I mean selling and buying of Zawadi points as it seems there is a whole market for that nowadays thanks to Bonga Points being turned into a commodity.

By wanting to do this I'll assume you've already enrolled for the Zawadi Points and have some points accumulated. Your recipient should likewise be enrolled into the program.

Getting Started

transfer zawadi points
Zawadi Points

Before you can transfer, there are a couple of things worth noting:
  • the minimum amount of zawadi points you can transfer is 50. 
  • you should also be left with a minimum balance of 50 points after transferring your zawadi points,'re not allowed to transfer your entire points.
  • Before you can transfer your zawadi points you're required to set up your Zawadi Points PIN. This is put in place to prevent anyone from transferring your points without your knowledge.

A. Setting up or Changing the Zawadi Points Pin

1. Dial *326#

2. From the menu select option 5 for Set or Change PIN.
Setting up the PIN
3. You'll then get a prompt to enter your old PIN. If it's your first time, the default PIN is 1234. If you're changing your PIN, enter the PIN that you set up.

4. Next you'll get a prompt to enter a New PIN. Enter a four-digit number, and while you're at it use something less obvious and that you don't use anywhere else.
pin change
PIN Updated

5. Now just wait and you should get the above confirmation SMS that your PIN has been changed.

B. Transferring Zawadi Points

1. Dial *326#

2. Choose option 4 for Transfer Points
transfer zawadi
Transferring Zawadi Points

3. Enter the number of points you want to transfer. Remember the minimum is 50.
minimum points
Minimum - 50 Zawadi Points

4. Enter the number of the recipient of points.

5. Enter your Zawadi Points PIN.

6. You'll then get a prompt that the points have been successfully transferred.

How to Stop Airtel Kenya Promotion SMS Messages

Network operators are by the day diversifying their product line ups to entice more subscribers just as much as they need to keep a hold on their loyal customers; that is, lest they stray to the competition on account of the same. So while the comedy laced TV Ads and static commuter commercial breaks might work for the former, a more personalised approach is rightly assumed to fare much better with regards to already loyal subscribers. 

Still, there's no excuse for operators to send numerous SMS messages to their subscribers every other day, especially if they are saying the same thing. One message is enough, two can be allowed if ignorance is assumed on our part, but three? That's tantamount to spamming. Airtel is no stranger to this as is Safaricom who not long ago were the worst offenders. If you wish to stop getting Airtel's marketing SMS messages, typically those concerned with offers, do the following.

Stop Promotional SMS

airtel promotion sms
Stop Marketing Spam!

1. Dial *100# on your Airtel Line.

2. Enter 2 for Manage My Account.
Manage my Account

3. Enter 9 for Stop Promotional SMS
stop sms
Stop Promotional SMS

4. Enter 1 to confirm and that's it.

NOTE: The exact numbers in the USSD menu keep getting updated so I can't guarantee they will appear as they do here. As such, follow the titles not the numbers.

Now you'll have to wait for 48hrs for your request to be processed and be effective. Meanwhile you'll continue receiving promotional SMS's from Airtel.

With this now you won't be forced to bear with the constant barrage of marketers knocking i your inbox for the better part of the day. The days of them welcoming themselves in the inbox only to pile up in the waiting room while eagerly waiting to be given an ear in the living room are now over.

How to Subscribe or Unsubscribe from Telkom SMS Bundles

Telkom Kenya has an SMS Bundle that's similar to that of Safaricom and Airtel. Similar to Airtel's SMS Bundles, on Telkom you can use your SMS bundles to text both on-net and off-net. This is unlike Safaricom's SMS bundles which can't be used to text users on other local networks.

Other features worth noting with regards to Telkom's SMS Bundles is that:
  • Telkom only offers daily SMS bundle. They used to have monthly bundle but it has since been removed.
  • You can buy more than one SMS bundle before the validity period of a preceding bundle has ended. SMS from the newer subscription are added to the older SMS bundle.
  • The SMS cannot be used for international SMS. Such SMS will be charged from your airtime.
  • The daily SMS bundles are auto-renewed.
  • Unused SMS are not rolled over as it's the case with Airtel SMS Bundles.

Subscribing to Telkom's SMS Bundles

telkom sms bundles
Telkom SMS Bundles

You can subscribe to Telkom Kenya's SMS bundles through:
  • USSD
  • My Telkom App
  • Your T-Kash Menu (T-kash activation necessary)
Let's take a look at the first two methods.


1. Dial *188#. You can also dial either *123*3*3# or *100*3*3#.
sms bundles
SMS Bundles

2. Select the daily SMS bundle to buy. There are only two to choose from:
  • Daily 50 SMS Bundle (all networks) at Ksh.5
  • Daily 250 SMS Bundle (200 on-net and 50 off-net) at Ksh.10
3. Confirm the subscription by replying with 1.

B. My Telkom App

1. Download and install My Telkom from Google Playstore if you haven't yet.

2. In the app's start page, select the Bundles option that's on the bottom menu .

3. Select the SMS Bundles item then choose the exact SMS bundles you wish to buy.
my telkom sms bundles
My Telkom App
 4. Finish by tapping the subscribe button followed by accepting the confirmation prompt.

Unsubscribing from Telkom's SMS Bundles

1. Dial *188# (or *123*3*3# / *100*3*3#) then reply with 3 for Unsubscribe.

2. Next reply with the SMS bundle you were subscribed to: 1 for Daily 50 or 2 for Daily 250.
select bundle
Select Bundle to Unsubscribe

2. Confirm the stopping of auto-renewal (unsubscription) by replying with 1.

You can also unsubscribe via the app by going to the SMS bundle menu, selecting the bundle you're subscribed then tap the unsubscribe button.

Checking your Telkom SMS Bundles Balance

To check your SMS bundle balance, dial the usual balance shortcode *131# or go to My Account section in My Telkom App.

How to Subscribe or Unsubscribe from Airtel SMS Bundles

Airtel Kenya is mostly known for its cheap calling rates and data offers however it has a host of similar services that its main competitor Safaricom provides. Such is the case with SMS bundles which many people may be forgiven for thinking is offered by Safaricom only.

While less popular, Airtel runs a SMS bundle subscription service that's offers more value compared to Safaricom SMS Bundles. Airtel SMS bundle include more SMS and has less limitations since:
  • The SMS bundles are split by half for on-net and off-net use. Hence, unlike the Safaricom ones that have to be used on-net only, with Airtel SMS bundles you can SMS people on other local networks. This is also the case with Telkom's SMS Bundles.
  • Unused SMS are carried over to the next day/period if you've subscribed to an auto-renewed SMS bundle. On Safaricom they expire at midnight.

Subscribing to Airtel SMS Bundles

airtel sms bundles
Airtel SMS Bundles

1. Dial the code *767*2# or alternatively dial *767# then reply with 2 for SMS Bundles.
sms bundles
Choose SMS Bundles

2. Choose the validity period of the SMS bundle you wish to buy followed by the specific bundle in the daily plans. For the weekly and monthly bundles reply with 1 to proceed. The SMS bundles on offer include:

Daily Bundles:
  • 6 SMS (3 off-net and 3 on-net) for Ksh.3 daily 
  • 40 SMS (20 off-net and 20 on-net) for Ksh.5 daily
  • 250 SMS (125 off-net and 125 on-net) for Ksh.10 daily
  • 500 SMS (250 off-net and 250 on-net) for Ksh.20 daily

Weekly Bundle:
  • 500 SMS (250 off-net and 250 on-net) for Ksh.30 weekly

Monthly Bundle:
  • 1,500 SMS (750 off-net and 750 on-net) for Ksh.75 monthly

3. Choose whether to buy only once or to auto-renew once the validity period ends.
buy method
Buy Once or Autorenew

You should then get a confirmation message once your request is processed.

Unsubscribing from Airtel SMS Bundles

1. Dial *767*2# or alternatively dial *767# then reply with 2 for SMS Bundles.

2. Reply with 6 for Unsubscribe.
unsubscribe sms bundles
Unsubscribe SMS Bundles

You should then shortly receive an SMS confirming the unsubscription from auto-renewing SMS bundles.

Checking your Airtel SMS Bundles Balance

To check your SMS bundle balance just dial *767*2# then reply with 5 for Check SMS Balance. You'll then receive an SMS with your bundle balance.

Telkom Kenya Mobile Number Prefixes

Telkom Kenya is the third largest mobile network in terms of subscriber numbers in the country. Partly owned by the government, the operator underwent a major rebranding in 2017 from Orange Kenya to Telkom Kenya after being sold to Helios Investments Partners.

The rebranded network has since launched some new prefixes to keep up with their new found growth. Let's take a look at its current mobile prefixes:

Telkom Kenya Prefixes

telkom mobile prefixes
Telkom Kenya Prefixes
PrefixLocal Mobile NumberInternational Mobile Number
7700770 XXXXXX+254770 XXXXXX
7710771 XXXXXX+254771 XXXXXX
7720772 XXXXXX+254772 XXXXXX
7730773 XXXXXX+254773 XXXXXX
7740774 XXXXXX+254774 XXXXXX
7750775 XXXXXX+254775 XXXXXX
7760776 XXXXXX+254776 XXXXXX
7770777 XXXXXX+254777 XXXXXX
7780778 XXXXXX+254778 XXXXXX
7790779 XXXXXX+254779 XXXXXX
Last updated: Sep. 2018
Other Networks: Safaricom Prefixes | Airtel Kenya Prefixes
Source: International Telecommunications Union (

Telkom's rebranding seems to have paid off with the operator registering a slight growth in subscriber numbers to stand currently around 4 million. While the company is yet to register profits, this trend may signal a change for the better especially considering that their competitive rates coupled with their clever marketing campaigns have been rather effective.

Airtel Kenya Mobile Number Prefixes

Airtel is the second largest mobile network operator in terms of subscriber base in Kenya. Airtel trails behind Safaricom and is closely followed behind by Telkom Kenya. Airtel has been experiencing growth over the years and their subscriber base currently stands around 7 million.

This however could also be attributed to the exit of YU Mobile from the market which resulted with Airtel acquiring their subscribers. Nevertheless, since their entry into the market Airtel has struggled to make profit from their venture.

Let's take a look at all their mobile prefixes, from old to new ones.

Airtel Kenya Prefixes

airtel kenya mobile prefixes
Airtel Kenya Prefixes
PrefixLocal Mobile NumberInternational Mobile Number
7300730 XXXXXX+254730 XXXXXX
7310731 XXXXXX+254731 XXXXXX
7320732 XXXXXX+254732 XXXXXX
7330733 XXXXXX+254733 XXXXXX
7340734 XXXXXX+254734 XXXXXX
7350735 XXXXXX+254735 XXXXXX
7360736 XXXXXX+254736 XXXXXX
7370737 XXXXXX+254737 XXXXXX
7380738 XXXXXX+254738 XXXXXX
7390739 XXXXXX+254739 XXXXXX
7500750 XXXXXX+254750 XXXXXX
7510751 XXXXXX+254751 XXXXXX
7520752 XXXXXX+254752 XXXXXX
7530753 XXXXXX+254753 XXXXXX
7540754 XXXXXX+254754 XXXXXX
7550755 XXXXXX+254755 XXXXXX
7560756 XXXXXX+254756 XXXXXX
7800780 XXXXXX+254780 XXXXXX
7810781 XXXXXX+254781 XXXXXX
7820782 XXXXXX+254782 XXXXXX
7850785 XXXXXX+254785 XXXXXX
7860786 XXXXXX+254786 XXXXXX
7870787 XXXXXX+254787 XXXXXX
7880788 XXXXXX+254788 XXXXXX
7890789 XXXXXX+254789 XXXXXX
  • Some of the 075X prefixes originally belonged to Yu Mobile that exited the market early 2015.

Last updated: Sep. 2018
Other Networks: Safaricom Prefixes | Telkom Kenya Prefixes
Source: International Telecommunications Union (

Safaricom Mobile Number Prefixes

Safaricom is the largest mobile network in Kenya with a subscriber base of nearly 30 million. With such record numbers their prefix turnover has been similarly high over the years to keep up with this growth.

While their dominance remains unrivalled, Safaricom's market share is not growing exponentially as it used to and this is courtesy of its two main competitors, Airtel and Telkom Kenya that tend to be comparatively more affordable. Despite this Safaricom continues to register some growth in subscriber count and this evident through their new mobile prefixes.

Let's take a look at all Safaricom prefixes, from old to new ones.

Safaricom Limited Prefixes

safaricom mobile prefixes
Safaricom Prefixes
PrefixLocal Mobile NumberInternational Mobile Number
7010701 XXXXXX+254701 XXXXXX
7020702 XXXXXX+254702 XXXXXX
7030703 XXXXXX+254703 XXXXXX
7040704 XXXXXX+254704 XXXXXX
7050705 XXXXXX+254705 XXXXXX
7060706 XXXXXX+254706 XXXXXX
7070707 XXXXXX+254707 XXXXXX
7080708 XXXXXX+254708 XXXXXX
7100710 XXXXXX+254709 XXXXXX
7110711 XXXXXX+254711 XXXXXX
7120712 XXXXXX+254712 XXXXXX
7130713 XXXXXX+254713 XXXXXX
7140714 XXXXXX+254714 XXXXXX
7150715 XXXXXX+254715 XXXXXX
7160716 XXXXXX+254716 XXXXXX
7170717 XXXXXX+254717 XXXXXX
7180718 XXXXXX+254718 XXXXXX
7190719 XXXXXX+254719 XXXXXX
7200720 XXXXXX+254720 XXXXXX
7210721 XXXXXX+254721 XXXXXX
7220722 XXXXXX+254722 XXXXXX
7230723 XXXXXX+254723 XXXXXX
7240724 XXXXXX+254724 XXXXXX
7250725 XXXXXX+254725 XXXXXX
7260726 XXXXXX+254726 XXXXXX
7270727 XXXXXX+254727 XXXXXX
7280728 XXXXXX+254728 XXXXXX
7290729 XXXXXX+254729 XXXXXX

Newer Prefixes

PrefixLocal Mobile NumberInternational Mobile Number
7400740 XXXXXX+254740 XXXXXX
7410741 XXXXXX+254741 XXXXXX
7420742 XXXXXX+254742 XXXXXX
7430743 XXXXXX+254743 XXXXXX
7460746 XXXXXX+254746 XXXXXX
7480748 XXXXXX+254748 XXXXXX
7900790 XXXXXX+254790 XXXXXX
7910791 XXXXXX+254791 XXXXXX
7920792 XXXXXX+254792 XXXXXX
7930793 XXXXXX+254793 XXXXXX
7940794 XXXXXX+254794 XXXXXX
7950795 XXXXXX+254795 XXXXXX
7960796 XXXXXX+254796 XXXXXX
7970797 XXXXXX+254797 XXXXXX
7980798 XXXXXX+254798 XXXXXX
7990799 XXXXXX+254799 XXXXXX
Last updated: Sep. 2018
Other Networks: Telkom Kenya Prefixes | Airtel Kenya Prefixes
Source: International Telecommunications Union (

How to Set or Reset Your Bonga Points PIN

Bonga Points is the loyalty program run by Safaricom that's similar to Airtel's Zawadi Points and Telkom Kenya's Ziada Points. Subscribers accrue points when they spend airtime on any of Safaricom services such as Voice, SMS and Data. This points can thereafter be redeemed for similar services for free or for devices if sufficient enough.

In addition to accumulating points, Safaricom allows for transferring of bonga points. This has turned the points into a commodity that's now traded in various circles. Therefore, to ensure the safety of one's bonga points Safaricom includes a PIN feature to prevent unauthorized transfers. This is the bonga points PIN and it's a MUST to set it before you can sambaza your points.

Setting Up the PIN

bonga points pin
Bonga Points PIN

1. Dial *126# then reply with 98 to go to the next page.

2. Reply with 6 for Set or Change Bonga PIN.
set pin
Set Bonga PIN

3. Reply with 1 for Set New PIN.
set new pin
Set New PIN

4. You'll be prompted to enter your National ID number.
national id
Enter National ID

5. Next you'll be prompted to enter your last direct top up i.e. the last amount you loaded from a scratch card voucher e.g. 10, 20, 50, 100, 250 etc.
last top up
Last Direct Top Up

6. After this you'll be prompted to enter your new PIN. Enter a 4-digit PIN that isn't too obvious and that you don't use anywhere else.

7. Confirm the PIN by re-entering it and you should get a confirmation of the new PIN.
new pin set
New PIN Set

You can now safely transfer your Bonga Points using this PIN. You can however change the PIN should you wish to at any point in the future.

Resetting Your Forgotten Bonga Point PIN

If you stay for long without transferring your Bonga Points chances are that you're going to forget your PIN. Also there are situations where somebody may have set the PIN without your consent which puts you in a similar scenario of not knowing your current PIN.

Fortunately you can reset your Bonga Points PIN using the same procedure as that of setting it as we've just seen above. That should explain why you are prompted to enter your National ID number and last top up even though you may be setting the PIN for the very first time.

Protecting Your PIN

The benefits of setting a strong Bonga Points PIN is compromised by the fact that one can very easily reset it. This is owing to the fact that the reset process Safaricom provides is very weak from a security stand point.

An attacker only needs to know your ID and the rest can easily be figured out: the last top up can be guessed multiple times till the correct one is attained though the attacker might as well decide to top up themselves any amount (e.g Ksh.10) for the sole purpose of this resetting.

Thereby it seems the best measure against unathorized PIN (re)setting is either keeping your ID number a secret from potential attackers or controlling who gets access to your phone. The latter is more practical as you can easily decide who to trust your phone with.

Still, where you leave your phone and the lock mechanism you have in place (if any) are far more crucial things to consider in the long run.

Through social engineering and subtle manipulation an attacker can easily build trust for what seems like a completely unrelated matter while in actual fact are underhandly setting a trap to carry out their attack e.g. charging your phone, feigning to text someone for help, playing a game, offering "tech support" etc.

How to Change Your Bonga Points PIN

Safaricom's loyalty program Bonga Points not only allows you to accumulate and redeem points but also transfer them. Transferring of bonga points is usually done among family and friends but over time it has been turned into a business of sorts where points are traded for money.

Before you can transfer points, it's a must to set a bonga points PIN which acts as a protective measure against unauthroized transfers. The PIN can however be changed which should come in handy in situations when the PIN gets compromised.

Changing Your PIN

change bonga points pin
Change Bonga PIN

1. Dial *126# then reply with 98 to go to the next page.

2. Reply with 6 for Set or Change Bonga PIN.
change bonga pin
Change Bonga PIN

3. Reply with 2 for Change current PIN.
change current pin
Change Current PIN

4. You'll be prompted to enter your current Bonga Points PIN.
enter old pin
Enter old PIN

5. You'll then be prompted to enter your new Bonga PIN. It should be a 4-digit number.
enter new bonga pin
Enter new Bonga PIN

6. Next confirm the new PIN by re-entering it and that's it. You should get a confirmation of the PIN update.
pin updated
PIN Updated

For any new transfers you'll be required to use this new PIN. Record it somewhere to ensure you don't forget it otherwise you may have to (re)set it all over again.